Auto Modellista Review

auto modellista

Capcom, which usually makes its name with adventure games, also stepped on the tracks with a new racing game called Auto Modellista. Capcom is a company of Japanese origin, although all the brands licensed in the game belong to Japanese car manufacturers. Auto Modellista, licensed by brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki and Daihatsu, has many vehicles including Concept car designs.

The game is basically divided into two parts, Garage Life and Arcade. Of these, the Arcade Mode is Single Race, etc. and devoted to subheadings such as Time Attack. Garage Life is a simulation mode of the game. When you first start this mode, you have the freedom to choose all the cars that are unlocked, so there is no problem of making money and buying cars according to your money. But to modify or Upgrade your car, you must win races. As in Gran Turismo, in Auto Modellista, you can renew almost the entire car, from tires to EXOS, from brakes to suspensions. But as I said, in order for you to do these things, you need to get certain degrees in races.

To make the game a little more fun, you can create your own garage. In this way, you can design your garage with dozens of different objects and decor. Of course, you need to win races again to have access to all these options, hidden vehicles and a bunch of bonuses.

3D anime graphics

Everything so far can be in a racing game, but Auto Modellista’s biggest difference from other racing games is the 3D anime graphics. In other words, instead of trying to make the graphics completely realistic, an anime-style study was found appropriate. This may not be welcome for some players, but Capcom is sure to add a new color to the tracks. Car modeling in the cartoon diagnosis, City, Mountain and normal speed tracks themed trails offer a line that the game world is not used to in this genre, but is beautiful. So this line is very reminiscent of classic Japanese anime cartoons at certain points. You know, in such cartoons, when a character punches or makes a move with a sword, a white effect occurs as if it cuts the air (you can understand the game better if you have the opportunity to see it!), such effects occur in some contacts that tires make on the road during races, and especially when you speed with your car, as if you are asked to feel the wind on your face. Speaking of speed, you can feel the feeling of speed to the end in races that are very fluid and fun.

In a game where the engine sounds of vehicles are transmitted well, the engine sounds are reflected in the game, as a result of various modifications that you will make, and all this, along with moving music, makes racing more fun. In addition, the game, which does not feature damage modeling, officially has ‘GT Driving Force’ support, and if you have this set, the races become even more fun. But the game also has an extremely easy playability with Dual Shock 2.

For those wondering, Auto Modellista is certainly not as successful a game as Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, but it can keep racing lovers looking for a different taste on the tracks on the screen for a long time.

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