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ATV Offroad Fury

There are a lot of racing games on PSP. But Atv Offroad Fury: Blazin’ Trails is the PSP’s first and only off-road racing simulation. Although its single-player gameplay does not satisfy us very much, you can play Online with great pleasure. If you want to race along dirty tracks, dry swamps, and perform acrobatic combos, Atv Offroad Fury: Blazin’ Trails is for you!

For those who love hard

As soon as it starts, the first thing that will shock you is the degree of difficulty of the game. Training is quite difficult. In fact, the game is very difficult in general. The producers tried to bring acrobatic moves to the forefront, but the important thing is to finish the race first. So the movements seem to have been thought out in vain. All it provides is that it earns points and opens cards with famous Atv racers and ATVs with these points.

Compete alone in a single-player game or participate in the Championship Tournament. The decision is yours, but I recommend that you enter the championship, since the race alone will be boring after a while. Atv Offroad Fury: I mentioned the difficulty of Blazin’ trails. When you enter the championship, you are asked to choose a degree of difficulty. Don’t be happy right away, because there’s no Easy option, J. It’s Normal and Hard. I finished the game very hard in “Normal.” And in”Hard, ” I’m sure I can’t finish it.

Custom movements added color

You can control your ATV with direction keys or analog. As you guessed, the X key is gas. By hitting your opponents, you can drop them and leave them behind. The falls are very close to reality. Also, it’s very difficult and long for you to get up after you fall. So you’re automatically the last. If you press the turn keys too long, your ATV slides too much and you go off the road. When you jump from the bumps, you can make different acrobatic movements by holding down the R or L key and pressing any of the Triangle – Square – Round – X keys. If you move too much in a row, you will inevitably crash to the ground.

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As with other ATV or off-road racing simulations, in Atv off-road Fury: Blazin’ trails, you can’t go off the track and go on another road. You have to go back to the path you left in 5 seconds, or the game starts you from a much more backward place. Although Blazin ‘ Trails may seem very difficult at first, you get used to it over time and get a lot of pleasure from playing. So I said, ” this game is so hard! I’d better take Need For Speed Underground: Rivals and play.”don’t say, or you’ll be very upset.

Reflects the power of PSP

Graphics befitting PSP. Drivers and ATVs are carefully crafted. I especially liked the tossing on the right or left turns. There are more than 30 amazing moves you can make in the air. Some of these movements in training, and some of them in racing yourself learn. I didn’t notice any bad graphic details. Not bad, though the stadium and the fans are not carefully prepared. The atmosphere and artificial intelligence of the game are fine. Before you start the race, you watch the entire track from above. Then you realize how realistic it is.

As for the music part… Wonderful! It’s very suitable for racing, it gives you gas. It features songs by famous artists and rock bands such as Joan Jett, Slipknot, Melissa Auf der Maur, Keith Urban. The sound of your ATV is also very close to the truth. It’s pretty funny in the sounds the driver makes in the falls.

Load times are long

At the beginning of my article, I said that you earn cards by collecting points. Here these cards can be exchanged with online players or you can race in exchange for cards. In our game, each race loads in an average of 40 seconds. So don’t forget to take your PSP charger with you.

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Despite the very good graphics, comfortable gameplay, and beautifully crafted soundtrack, the single-player game mode of Atv Offroad Fury: Blazin’ trails did not give us what we were asked for. “I play online, brother!”or “I don’t get bored easily and I don’t give up!”if you say, it’s a game you can add to your archive. But I don’t necessarily say, “I play one person, and I give up quickly, I get bored!”if you’re saying, check out NFSU: rivals.


The graphics are fine. The races are exciting.

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