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astro boy

Astro Boy is an anime-manga signed by Osamu Tezuka that created readers and audiences all over the world, especially in Europe, in the early 60s. Astro Boy, which is leading the formation of anime culture in Europe, is a mediocre game that Sega, which large software companies are trying to buy for large sums, has brought to consoles from the anime world.

I’m saying Sega, but it’s actually Sonic Team, the game’s producer. Apart from being the creators of Sonic, Juri Naka and his band, who are also the producers of games such as Phantasy Star, Puyo Puyo, Samba de Amigo, first started working with Phantasy Star in 1988 and created the famous porcupine Sonic in 1991 and formed Sonic Team in connection with Sega in the same year. We can also say that Sonic Team is the most experienced and successful of Sega’s game-making groups.

Where Are these robots?

The game’s subject is similar to the subject of the revised comic series; Astro, Dr. He is a supersonic robot that Tenma developed on his lost child, but that child is not an old child; rocket feet have come to fly instead of his feet, his ears are as sharp as a bat’s, and his hands are cut off by a sledgehammer. Dr.Tenma began creating chaos in the city to test this supersonic child, which led to the start of the “WHO’s the biggest” race among the robots. At this point, Astro’s mission is to ensure robot security and defend his city against enemy robot invasions.

Robot Wars, Astro flying, and the passing of scientific unreal events in 2000 can be considered an indication that Osamu Tezuka was not very far-sighted; in fact, most writers and scientists of the past century are currently living in space vehicles, houses approaching the atmosphere, robot domination, etc. we saw that their thoughts that it would happen did not come true. Osamu Tezuka also started Astro Boy comics 50 years ago, not thinking that so many changes in 50 years would be impossible. Anyway, let’s get back to the game.…

100,000 horsepower !

The game has a Sonic Adventure-like progression. The main venue is a region called Metro City, from where the Ministry of Science, Bay Area, Central City and Factories are switched through portals thanks to Astro’s flight ability. In these locations, which are always active, Astro initially encounters the leading robots and encounters a boss at the end of the episode. These bosses are very important in the game because there is no situation that requires a lot of effort other than them. Apart from the places I said, We have a house where Astro can charge, and we collect robot cards that your sister wants from Astro throughout the game, winning mini-games such as memory games, finding kidnapped children. As the game progresses, Astro gains new powers, such as Arm Cannon, Super Sight, Rocket Feet, Electronic Brain, Finger Laser, Supersonic Hearing and 100,000 Horsepower Strength.

Astro Boy has graphics that can be considered as good as any Sega patented game, at least not fall below mediocre. Especially outdoor modeling can be said to be good. The fact that intermediate videos have the consistency of cartoons also increases the visual decency, but we can see that character modeling grins too much and uses the technology of 2-3 years ago. In addition to the harmonious music, the vocalizations of the characters were made by the actors who personally voiced the cartoon, and they are quite successful. The controls of the game are very well seated, with the left analog stick directing the Astro, while the right analog allows it to fly.

Those who look at the name of the game and expect it can be disappointed when they play Astro Boy. At least there could have been more enemies and action in the game, because collecting cards required more than encountering the same type of enemies in similar venues. The fact that the game is very short is also a separate minus, so in short, Astro Boy is a little child’s work.

Astro Snow

In fact, we can say that this game is part of the marketing strategy of the cartoon series, which has been redrawn and started to be published. It is also necessary to connect the game to be aimed at children, that is, with the new cartoon series, a fresh fan base is created from young people, and products such as mascots, cards from potato chips, as well as large amounts of profit are made. This is a situation that we are all used to, most likely such a strategy will be followed within Astro Boy. As a result, Astro Boy is a simple game that does not give the right to the name and only young players can linger.

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