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army of two

In order to save action games from the narrow strait where they fall, the producers are trying a number of innovations. A new trend of co-op playability in a single-level genre. Army of two also attracted attention for this feature when it was announced about a year ago. In addition to playing the game’s scenario mode with two people, we were able to climb to a point where we could never reach, helping our teammates at critical moments. In addition to such appetite-boosting features, Army of two was one of the most anticipated of the year with its highly successful graphics. So what changed after it was put up for sale?

Tango & Cash

The mercenaries we’re directing in the game are Tyson Rios and Eliot Salem. You can manage the duo, who are required to perform the given tasks, whether with your friend or when someone is under artificial intelligence control. Both characters have the same characteristics, so there is no advantage or disadvantage. Just as in the information described before the game went on sale, the gameplay is based on the coordinated work of two people. Someone can’t go ahead and download what’s in front of them because the obstacles that are often encountered cannot be overcome without the help of your friend. For example, you can lift your friend with the help of a hand to climb a high place. He climbs up and reaches out his hand to pull you this time… if your teammate is seriously injured, the other player needs to move him to a safe area first and wait for him to recover. Although such details make Army of two stand out from other action productions, your gaming enjoyment is greatly hurt by the absurd gameplay rules. What are these rules? As soon as the character comes forward, all the firepower of the enemy, without exception, turns to him, and your other character becomes kind of invisible. In this way, you can draw attention with one person and take out individual enemies with the other character. Army of two doesn’t offer much in the name of artificial intelligence. They just have the trait of hiding behind something and shooting, but they don’t stay there much. They also have a strange habit of moving for no reason, and in doing so, they have a method of going through the middle of a hot conflict…

If you choose to play with artificial intelligence control rather than with your friend, your job becomes a little easier. Because your AI-controlled team member knows when and where to go, it makes it easier for you to create difficulties. However, if you play with a friend, you will first become a saint of the split screen. Because although the screen, which is divided horizontally in the middle, is divided equally for both users, the viewing angle becomes very narrow, making it difficult to use. However, if the screen was divided vertically, a much better result could be obtained.

Unreal Engine 3

Visually, Army of two isn’t one of the best on PlayStation 3. Already in the game with Unreal Engine 3, there is no anti-aliasing (AA). Although even if it was found, the absence of this technology on PlayStation 3 would not change anything in terms of users, but the absence of AA in Unreal Engine 3 is bad news for x360’s. So, where does Army of two stay on the PS3’s chart average? Believe me, you’ve seen games with much better skins on PS3. So don’t dream big. Especially if you completely forget about the images released before the game goes on sale, because this is not the game you expect.

Army of two’s voices, which are averaging in every sense, can also not arrange eulogies. Maybe the vocalizations may sound successful, but they shouldn’t be worse anyway; even this bar should be on the neck of everyone who makes the game. In fact, army of two does not use the idea of co-op gameplay, which has just begun to be created in the virtual world, but it is necessary to emphasize that this idea is very open to development. If you’re looking for an action game that you can play with your friend, you don’t have a lot of options anyway. So you may not miss Army of two, but be you, don’t expect too much.

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