Armed And Dangerous Review

armed and dangerous

LucasArts continues its tradition of not making bad games with this game. Planet Moon, who made the Giants, is also the producer of this game. Moreover, the engine used in the Giants, similar graphics and even close-up of tasks are quite reminiscent of the game. A & D is at least twice as funny, if not as comprehensive as the Giants. The most striking thing about this game is that it is already’komic”. This game is finished, especially to watch demos at the beginning of episodes. Demos in the taste of “toy Story” compressed with the Divx codec can really be viewed many times.


In the demos, we come across warrior garden robots dedicated to protecting war-damaged flowers, a seer who thinks he’s Elvis Presley, soldiers who commit suicide in French terms. Especially when I realized that the wives of the villagers we saved were sometimes called” men who tried to make a woman’s voice, ” I died laughing.

In the game, we play a rebel group called the Lionhearts. Lionhearts is a human, a strange mouse, and a robot named Q who drinks tea all the time. Unlike the Giants, we can only play the group leader in a& D.In a & D, we can only give two simple orders to the characters who accompany us, such as protect me or protect this area. Our characters aren’t the usual superheroes, they’re funny. For example, a bomb expert usually fails when the Mouse tries to defuse the bomb. The combat robot is constantly drinking tea and talking about tea ( he can make tea himself). The villagers make fun of us when we talk about the prophecy.

Our goal is to capture the Book of rule before the evil tyrant king with the help of our stinking blind guide.The little guy who will lead us to this book is as colorful as the other characters. You have to get a demo where he pretends to be a sheep.. Missions usually consist of either rescuing villagers or blowing up certain buildings. From time to time, city protection duties also appear. We can blow up anything that stops, moves in the game. It’s almost endless bullets, and we’re always shooting here and there. We spend at least ten or fifteen bullets to kill even the weakest of enemies of average intelligence. Because there are few types of enemies and the missions are the same, the game is annoying. But the episodes, which are not too long to see the next demo, are finished. Anyway, A & D is a short game that ends quickly. At the end of each episode, we get a summary of what we do, and accordingly, the reward placed on us is increased.

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In addition to clichéd weapons (sniper rifle, machine gun, rifle), there are absurd weapons in the game. Especially the shark gun is beautiful. The shark we released is constantly roaming the battlefield and eating what’s in front of it. It’s also fun to shoot with a gramophone that throws bombs.. Although these weapons look very beautiful, their use is very limited (their bullets run out immediately), and special weapons are really fantastic for the imagination. A corkscrew that inverts gravity, a knockout bomb, a black hole are some of them. And these are disposable. We usually have an ineffective machine gun. Our comrades also have their own special weapons and abilities.

After a while in the game, we start flying. It’s not like flying; we fire a rocket on our back for a certain period of time and float in the air. Because everyone is constantly shooting and enemies are floating in the air like you, the battlefield is really turning into a carom. There are buildings where enemies come out all the time, and if you don’t blow them up, you’re in big trouble. We also come across taverns from time to time. Unlike other FPS, we get the weapons here. Only health and bullets come out of enemies. The part I like is that the story always goes in the open. We fly in the air, jump from place to place; climb hills; blow up houses…

In the game, played through the eyes of the third person, the graphics are not very good, but the modeling of the characters is beautiful. I think the voices, at least the vocalizations, are great. And I like the effects. However, the fact that the buildings are all alike and the enemy types are the same causes mediocrity. In addition, there are also disruptions to the game’s engine. Despite the open spaces and countless enemies, the game never gets stuck, but when we turn the mouse right and left, the screen shifts very quickly, making your person tired of your eyes. No map, but instead, we have a compass that roughly shows where we need to go.

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If you’re looking for funny adventure games of the old days, this game is played for demos, even if you don’t like fps. If you are a solid fps player and the topic does not concern you, I say do not start this game.

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