Ape Quest Review

ape quest

Thanks to the PlayStation Store, the number of games that can be downloaded and played on the memory card is increasing. In the Online shop, it is possible to access UMD and PSP-specific games, as well as PlayStation 1 games that can be played on PSP. One of dozens of downloadable games is Ape Quest. It is possible to get each part of the production for$9.99 or a single package of three parts for$19.99.

Blended with Mini-games and RPG elements, the production features a simple story. A long time ago, the land dominated by apes was attacked by monsters known as Apetrons. Monkeys that have never seen trouble in their lives and live happily are now under threat. At the point where hopes are exhausted, a ghost object with miraculous power appears from the sky and saves the people by turning the Apetrons into rocks. The power that seals the monsters that turn into rocks with a golden banana thus keeps the world and the people of apes away from the wrath of the monsters. In a game in which we rule a stupid monkey prince who is addicted to bananas, we are sent out with an assistant to be tested by the king as heir to the throne. During our test, there is not much time between coming across a sealed Golden Banana and ingesting it. In this way, we release the Apetrons as victims of our greed. And there is only one way to be forgiven; to come through the monsters and make the land of the Apes safe again.

Chichita banana

The production takes a slightly different path from the well-known RPG structure. For example, it is not possible to walk freely on the map. Below your character are arrows that show the directions you can go according to its location. In other words, the routes are pre-planned, it is impossible to get out of them. We select the arrow for the direction you want to go and watch the character walk to the target point. Missions are more like mini-games. Successfully completed tasks return as experience points. During your research, we can also collect many objects. While we wear what is required of the collected armor and weapons, we can also replace the old ones with new ones.

It’s a monkey that’s not exactly a mini-game, but has a mini-game vibe. The monkey asks if you want help or exchange for objects you have. The change in your response doesn’t actually change the story. In a game where we fight against three different monsters, we hang out alone during battles, we can’t add any supporters to our fight. Ordinary monsters that appear in the episode are usually easily defeated. However, the fight against the Apetrons is more difficult. The production is not visually above average. It seems that the coatings and character modeling are not very high quality. However, the clothes the monkeys wear are quite unusual and funny. And when we approach it in terms of sounds, the game can’t exceed mediocre. Especially in inter-character speech scenes, there are only subtitles and no vocalizations. In general, limited combat capabilities, repetitive environments and mini-games are not enough to meet expectations.


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