Antietam Review


We all know bloody American history. We’ve been through it in a lot of movies or plays to date. None of them were as realistic as this game. Antietam is one of the most successful examples of the American Revolutionary War. For this game, Fraxis offers us a new concept. Real Time Tactical Battle System. So real-time tactical combat system. If you know Sid Meier’s Gettysburg, you already know that this game will be his sequel. Sid Meier, who has signed many successful Games, presents war as an art with this game. Sid Meier’s Antietam offers 3-D images within historical screens. In Antietam, known as the bloodiest day of the American Revolutionary War, he once again confronts Union and Confederate forces. Antietam contains twenty speculative and historical scenarios. As an example, we can give full and half-day battles. However, the randomized scenario generator, which is also available at Gettysburg, is new to our game at Antietam and creates different scenarios each time. The game offers 4 types of fighting methods. These are small skirmishes, fights, equipped skirmishes and big battles. As armies grow in great wars, their man size also shrinks.

The game includes different terrains, such as fields, bridges, rivers, roads, cultivated areas within the battles. As expected, the geological structure in Antietam is the most important element. The maps are based on the original. In the armies, they appear in blue and gray uniforms in accordance with the conditions of the day. Staying true to the original must be one of the great features in Sid Meier’s plays. A factor that increases the credibility of the game. You’re much more comfortable getting into the game. Graphically, it uses a fairly backward technology. He looked pretty good for those days when Gettysburg came out two years ago. At Panzer General 3D, we saw that harware accelerator cards were useful. I think if such a technique had been used in Antietam, its graphics would have been much more successful. However, with uniforms and some small touches, battlefields could give more successful images. In short, at Antietam, the charts are not as extraordinary as expected. Movements and collision scenes are painfully slow. At Antietam, the rules of the collision seem to have changed a little since Gettsburg. Before each scenario, you determine your goals and which unit can be more useful in that battle. Each department has a time limit. You have to complete the task successfully before the time runs out. After each battle, you can use units more efficiently and effectively.

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For the game to be more relastike, the visibility distance is quite well adjusted. For example, the field of view of an infantry and cavalry is not equal. However, your bullets have a long range from their field of view. Your artillery can fire cannons, while your infantry can fire volleys. With all these features, the game has become much more realistic than its counterparts. Antietam has a difference from Gettysburg, given the progress of the days. While you play the last three years of the war at Gettysburg, you can fight day-to-day battles at Antietam. In a nutshell, where to put Antietam in the class of war games is very specific. Tactical Warfare. Antietam now joins the caravan of internet games that have become standard. The game supports up to two players. Already supporting more players would go against Sid Meier’s vision of authenticity. Apart from the Internet, the game can also be played in a LAN environment, modem, and Microsoft Gaming Zone. All players are able to lead the brigade in the script. In short, it’s a game that historical war players will love.

As a final word, Antietam is a game released as a new version or sequel to Gettysburg. Although the game needs to be overhauled by the graphics department, it is a game that can be preferred as playability. In general, a game that will not disappoint those who love war games. After all, there’s a master like Sid Meier behind him.

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