Another Century’s Episode

Another Century's Episode

Another Century’s Episode is a 2005 third-person shooter computer game published by Banpresto in Japan for the PlayStation 2.

The player controls a mech from one of nine diverse anime robot franchises to destroy opposing forces before they steal a valued fuel source for devious purposes. The game is partitioned into several unique missions, where players use their mech and arsenal of weapons to satisfy mission objectives, going from destroying adversary machines to ensuring a specific objective.

Banpresto enlisted the assistance of FromSoftware, a Japanese engineer known for its Armored Core series, to assist in the game’s creation. As Banpresto held the exclusive computer game rights to several famous robot series, it envisioned the possibility of an enormous crossover similar to Konami’s Zone of the Enders games. It was designed by Yui Tanimura, who later coordinated the Dark Souls series, and joined music performed by songstress Hitomi Shimatani.

Another Century’s Episode was released to strong sales, and was one of the year’s top-selling computer games in Japan. Critics well contrasted its interactivity with Zone of the Enders, and making the most of its wide selection of mechs and mission objectives. The game’s success lead a large number of the series represented, such as Metal Armor Dragonar, to see a restoration in notoriety. It spawned another franchise that includes soundtrack albums, merchandise, and four sequels.


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