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anno 1404

A simple grooming was blessed by the emperor himself and presented to his entourage as a gift. I was the one who carried that grooming. And I’m too proud of it to be understood by normal people. I will be forever loyal to my emperor and protect him everywhere. However, our leader was in poor health, and the Empire was shaking from the inside. Lord Richard, himself a cousin of the emperor, had built a giant cathedral for him, and he missed no opportunity to pray for his health.

It was not until 1404 that the construction of this giant cathedral was finished. In this year, an incredible event would take place that would go down in history: the Crusades. If expeditions were to be made, the emperor’s loyal servants had to help. For him, he had to make ports, weapons, armor, and train soldiers. A priest named Forcass led these projects. However, Forcass was not as he was seen. He would lead an incredibly heinous event, and the history of the Empire would change once and for all.


Anno is a well-known name and is known all over the world for its card games. Thanks to these features, he managed to find himself a distributor like Ubisoft. Imagine putting together The Sims, Pharoah and Caesar series. Anno 1404, indeed, can achieve all this together.

You must explore new islands, follow the Sacred Path and, most importantly, find new things that will bring income to your country. Your people need food, accommodation and money. If you can’t provide them with these opportunities, you will be bored. Fortunately, Anno 1404 does not neglect to run to your aid with its incredibly realistic and logical structure. You have to adjust your taxes well and build your city well so that there is no constant rebellion, as in the SimCity series.

Meeting the needs of ordinary workers is quite easy. Give them a place to sleep and eat so that problems can be solved. Of course, they will need many things over time. We need to provide more money and more jobs for farms. Those who have encountered the type of strategy before will easily accomplish all these tasks. It’s even possible to steal money from your enemies if you have to. There are many possibilities that the world can offer you (if you deign to take it).

If you really want to build a very high-quality community, you have to look everywhere you can think of and where life is. If the places you capture are rich and quality enough, it is extremely easy to create the community structure you want. When you combine the technology of the West and the traditions of the East, artifacts that will not be easily forgotten appear.

On its way to becoming a great state

There are many scenarios that may interest you in both single and multiplayer. Especially the single player option will satisfy many people with its long gameplay life. You can improve your character’s abilities, skill and class every second. The more experienced you are, the more military units will obey your orders. You remember that.

It will be very difficult for you to find a clear weakness of the production, because it certainly does not have a significant weakness. If you mention the graphics, you can find much worse among the world-famous strategy games. As for sound and playability, leave a negative aspect, much weaker than Anno 1404, you will encounter at any moment. With these skills, its long script and the name Dawn of Discovery in North America, Anno 1404 offers them all and more for professional players of strategy. If you decide to buy this production, I can guarantee that you will not feel the slightest remorse. Medieval: Total War series-like game structure, you can spend hours at the beginning of the PC. You’ll even find them all with much better graphics.

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