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4 years.. It has been in development for 4 years. With each preview, our expectation increased a little more; a ruined civilization, dozens of planets to explore, RPG elements.. Actually, it’s all in the game. But that’s not what I expected, that’s for sure. Ion Storm will become known as the “disaster games company”. Anachronox isn’t bad, either.. and not good.
“Unakrunoks “is read as” Anachronox”, and when one of the Ion Storm employees was asked why the names of their games were so ridiculous, the response was:”I ddassd no sepgsdf roth”. The man is right!

Before we get to the good and bad sides of the game, let’s tell the story: the game is set in an uncertain future. Humanity has spread across the Galaxy and managed to colonize a small part of it. At this time, “MysTech”began to be found. These are strange objects left behind by a lost civilization, and it is unclear what they are for. I mean, it could be something written by the secret of the universe, or toilet paper.. And one day, an unlucky pilot found the first “Sender,”a gigantic-planet – wide-sphere with Thorn-like protrusions around it. When he got too close to sender, he entered some kind of dimension door and came out.. He’s in another part of the Galaxy! So humanity began to colonize the entire galaxy, using senders from one point to another-yes, there are many senders – and ignoring distances.. At the center of the Galaxy stands Sender 1, a city in which it is still unknown by whom it was built.. This is the city, Anachronox.

Actually, it’s a good story. It reminded me in so many ways-one of my favorite sci – fi stories-of the “exit door,”which is why I waited so eagerly. If you add RPG elements to such a beautiful story, a game that “does not repeat its taste” should have appeared, at least I hoped so. Anyway, let’s move on..

In the game (at least at the beginning of the game) we control a “private detective” named Sylvester (Sly) Boots. Sly’s a failed detective, and he’s unemployed, and he owes money to flying bird. Netflix’s argument with a “creditor” at the beginning of the game ends with him being badly beaten. From here, we understand that the Turks also went to Anachronox. I called a kebab shop or something, but it wasn’t there.. Anyway, in the first part of the game, he tries to get Sly a job, and we learn some basic things about Anachronox, and then in the classic words, “the story develops.”New members are joining our group and we are embarking on an adventure that will take place on a total of six planets to solve the secret of the Mystechs, of course, there are plenty of side quests and small”games within the game”. The most important thing you need to know about the game is that it’s really “big”. It will take a lot of time to finish, especially if you have kept the difficulty level above. I don’t know if you can be patient enough to finish alone..

If you ask me, and I intend to complete the sentence, the game makes its first serious mistake with the initial “planet”. You start the game in Anachronox, which is the inside of a sphere, as I described above. Of course, it’s pointless to wait for the open air, but sometimes it’s so depressing that I can’t tell.. This is improving on other planets, at least not as bad as it is on Anachronox, but at the beginning of the game, this closed, sweltering atmosphere quite annoys you, even cools you from the game. One color around (Gray and shades!) judge and you really start to feel like you’re at the bottom of hell, worse if you’re claustrophobic!

The game is a serious RPG. Don’t expect anything as “heavy” as Baldur’s Gate, but at least it’s more “RPG”than Diablo! You have a party of one to seven, the one you want you can skip all the experience you can take control of gain and level, and developing their unique abilities in the game, almost every character (even though all of them won’t tell me anything useful (), you can talk there’s a huge universe to explore.. Each character has one unique ability, for example, Sly’s “lock pick”, and as he jumps level, this ability develops a little more. But you can’t directly interfere with this development (and other capabilities), in other words, you don’t have the ability to “deposit points”, this happens spontaneously. That’s not a very good thing, of course.. Characters can develop as determined at the beginning of the game, you can’t intervene and turn them into different personalities. In addition to the main quests, there are dozens of sub quests, but you basically get experience points with the battle, as in Baldur’s gate, when you take an item to a certain person, I don’t know how many thousand experience points are not earned. Battles are interesting, apart from the battles you enter as a matter of quest, in general, it happens as follows: suddenly a human creature appears in front of you, fights you, and if you defeat it, you gain experience. Just as it is unclear why you are fighting this creature-it suddenly appears-you do not have the option of “talking to convince” instead of fighting, you must fight.Speaking of fighting, the combat system in the game is turn-based. I hate turn-based games, but I have to admit, they did it very well. Unlike other parts of the game, control during battles is very easy, the interface is clean and convenient. You have many options, such as attacking, attacking using a special ability, using an item in the inventory, moving to a point. But as with turn-based games in general, time doesn’t stop when it’s your turn! If you linger too long, the opposite side makes a move, it would be more accurate to use a sentence that I have made up now, such as “slowed down real-time”, rather than actually turn-based. Your every move has an animation, and they’re pretty impressive.

And the charts? Is it as impressive as we’ve seen on screenshots? Yes and no.. The game supports 640*480 and 1280*960 resolutions, while it does not “officially” support the remaining resolutions. Nothing obvious has been said about the reason for this, but if we look at the serious difference between resolutions, they must have a pretty interesting reason.. If you select”low resolution”, the resolution is 640*480, if you select”high resolution”, 1280*960.. At Low resolution, the graphics look really terrible. So much so that you say Quake 1 was even better. This occurs especially when the characters appear from close-up, because the faces consist of two holes and a line. The graphics at higher resolution are really beautiful, but in this case it takes a really powerful machine to work the game. But even at all resolutions, the character animations are very bad. They look like they’ve swallowed a cane, and their movement is cut off, even better in Quake 2.. In fact, the Quake 2 engine is not a very good choice for such a game. It is obvious that open spaces cannot be created with this engine, even if it is created, it will not look like anything, and in indoor spaces there is a restriction in terms of “style”. If you try to build a giant universe with such an engine, the result is depressing, dark and overwhelming spaces.. no matter how modified, if you’re not a really creative firm like Raven, there’s no more from the Q2 engine. (By the way, the first time the game was built -1997 – Quake 1 engine was used! It was later switched to Q2.) After all, even at the highest resolution we have-although it looks beautiful – a graphics engine that can’t stop being depressing, and at low resolutions it doesn’t look like anything. Even if the level designs are not very striking, they go around at the” Manage ” level, as if “we did something big, but what are we going to put in it now?”they were prepared with such concern.

Don’t expect anything impressive in terms of sound and music, either. Vocalizations exist only in intermission decoys, and not in conversations other than that. Although this is a normal thing, if every conversation had been voiced, the game would have been at least 3 CDs (currently 2 CDs). Although the sound effects are not much, they manage. Music, on the other hand, is already watched at a level that is difficult to hear, but it is so boring that you want to reduce the sound even more..

And we’ve come to the most “deadly” side of the game: control. Anachronox has the worst controls you’ve ever seen. It’s like, ” we’ve made a decent game, but let’s find something to reduce it to a disgrace!”he said,” and they made the controls look like this.. You use a huge mouse arrow to communicate with all kinds of objects in the game and for actions such as opening doors/pressing buttons. The Problem is, that’s how you assign your direction.. You use the WSAD keys to move, but first you have to determine your direction with the mouse, but then you have to move because otherwise you can’t see where you’re going. Well, if you’re asking, what’s the problem, I’ll tell you that to turn left, you have to tilt the mouse 90 degrees to the left! The entire game takes place in an unnecessary struggle with the mouse to see in front of you and keep the camera behind you, and it doesn’t take you even fifteen minutes to get bored.. already, the places are depressing, and when the mouse problem comes into play, there are strange health problems, sweating, nausea, vomiting.. If you don’t believe me, try and see! I don’t know who invented this terrible control system and why he wasn’t fired from the firm, but in the end, they managed to transfer the worst controls ever to the game. Moreover, such a control system so there is no advantage to the classic games can not be played in 3rd person in control of, there are things that you must develop a new control system just for that kind of stuff, but this don’t like anything, for example, all controls and it wouldn’t be Tomb Raider game could be played with no problem! A decision just to be original ruined the whole game.. You can say I’m exaggerating this situation a lot, but I repeat that the controls end all your enthusiasm for playing the game..

In short, it’s a game where you won’t miss anything if you don’t take it. His subject matter is interesting, but he also fails to use it efficiently, and his lousy controls further reduce his score.. Ion Storm has once again shown how much it deserves to be called” a long-running company of terrible games.”. I liken Ion Storm to Sinan Cetin, because they can both ruin things that are actually beautiful! Result? Never mind, forget it.. It would be a pity if you even paid for a copy.

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