An Apple Employee Explained The Amount Apple Earned Through Fortnite


According to an Apple employee, Apple earned more than $ 100 million from Fortnite’s in-game purchases with a 30 percent commission it received through the App Store.

The Epic Games and Apple controversy is not likely to fall off the agenda because of the controversy surrounding the commission. A recent news story about Epic Games and the Apple controversy, which has left Apple in a difficult position many times, also came from an Apple employee.

First, for those who stayed away from events, Epic Games was not happy with the high market commissions of Apple and Google. Epic Games resorted to their own ways when the share received over 30 percent of each sale was too high. He added the payment method, in which he offered a 20 percent discount to save himself from high commissions. As a matter of fact, this behavior has exacerbated the situation. This has now turned into a battle that Epic Games is looking for rights to. In fact, a video released by Epic Games soon showed us that it was prepared for these events in advance.

Video released by Epic Games:

Apple, which has been running from case to case since then, has not been able to get away with it. Even now, the Battle of Epic Games, which has received the support of different companies such as Spotify, continues. Apple CEO Tim Cook is even known to be preparing for his testimony next week as the third and final part of the Epic Games trial approaches.

Fortnite was released on the App Store in 2018 and was required to give Apple a 30 percent commission on every payment made in-game. One Apple employee confirmed that Apple has earned more than $ 100 million through Fortnite since 2018, thanks to a 30 percent commission it imposes. According to Bloomberg, Michael Schmid did not specifically specify 100 million in dollars, nor did he provide information on whether it exceeded 200 million.

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Sensor Tower estimated Apple’s revenue through Fortnite at $ 354 million, which, as we can see, is more than the amount given by an Apple employee.

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