Amplitude is a music computer game created by Harmonix for the PlayStation 2. It is the spin-off of Frequency.

The game was delivered in 2003 for North America on March 24 and for Europe on September 26.

In Amplitude the player controls a beat blaster transport across a path of six tracks, each track addressing an instrument and containing note pearls that the player shoots at on schedule with the music. The player procures focuses for exact playing and builds their scoring multiplier by playing a progression of perfect arrangements; the player loses energy by missing such a large number of notes and can end the melody rashly in the event that they run out of energy. Contrasted with the first Frequency which utilized more electronica and daze music, Amplitude remembered extra pop stone tunes for its soundtrack.

The game was a basic yet not a monetary achievement, and would lead Harmonix to turn into a significant studio in the improvement of music games. In 2014, Harmonix effectively offered a Kickstarter mission to bring more than $840,000 up in assets to assemble another Amplitude game for PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles; the revamp was delivered in January 2016.


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