Alone in the Dark Review

alone in the dark

For game-goers, the name Alone in the Dark (aitd) is different in location and significance. About Alone In The Dark, which is considered a pioneer of the genre, can go back 7 years and I remember playing a PC demo with a mansion surrounded by dark streets and a grumpy dog. Exactly 7 years later, the PS2 leg of the series, which was brought back to life by Eden Games, was prepared by Hydravision Entertainment, whom we know from the Obscure series, and the Pioneer Game of the Survival Horror genre returned. And was it worth it?

Citywide disaster

The title role has a familiar name. In aitd, directed by Edward Carnby, we need to fight against the mystical forces and creatures that surround New York City and Central Park. In the first place, Edward is unaware of all the events, including himself, and it falls to him to learn naturally. We can also bring our game with a TPS point of view to the FPS position at any time. The first moments of the game, as the stage is quite exciting minutes from time to time, as well as a kind of training rounds to get used to the game can be said to pass in the consistency.

We can interact with most of the surrounding items and use them for our own purposes. When faced with a fire, we can put it out with a fire extinguisher that we can find around, to open a locked door, we can use a heavy item that we can find from the environment again. Action keys appear on the screen when we are already close to items or weapons, or when there is a ledge that can climb. While we can use the flashlight with L1, thanks to R1, we can also bring items such as lighters, weapons to the available position. In order to browse the inventory of tools that Edward has and make the necessary changes, we just need to press Select. By the way, the controls of the game are not very friendly in the first place. You can see the pain of it on the first elevator mission. It’s often frustrating that you go back to the beginning when you fail, because the game usually saves at certain intervals.

A total of 10 main missions were prepared under the title Alone in the Dark. Each time we complete a mission, a summary of the adventure before the new mission begins appears on the screen. The producers had previously stated that the game would go through a series of flavors. You can also open and play all sections from the main menu. There are also no health bars or bullet gauges featured in the game. If we are injured, the colors change to black and white, and our heart rate accelerates. All of this has been designed to reflect the atmosphere of the game even better, but it is not right for AITD to use the term horror game. We’re always in action. Especially the sections where we drive, for me, are quite exciting prepared. As for the characters who are next to us throughout the game, it is as if they were added just to be an image and be afraid. They have no positive contribution.

An appearance and a disappearance

Although graphically not very promising, the mistakes involved in the game are not as condescending. It must be difficult to explain that the female character who came with you disappeared after a while and reappeared after a few seconds. The music that keeps up with the environment is pretty good, but if you play the same part over and over and still do something missing, the same music that rides on top of them leaves a nauseating effect.

AITD, after many years of development, was expected as a game that was called perfect. Of course, this expectation was more true for the PC and X360 versions than for the PS2, and unfortunately it did not turn out as expected. Regardless of AITD, it’s a game that’s hard to come by. Especially in these times…

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