Alone in the Dark 5 Review

Alone in the Dark 5

Alone in the Dark is a very valuable series for the game world. He has performed firsts on many subjects. Almost everyone knows that name, even if he doesn’t play. I like Thriller-laden productions, especially outside of sports games. But unfortunately in this regard, rare games have been held for many years. I can’t even remember the last time I played this kind of Game. Thanks to the introductory videos released at the beginning of the year, while we were thoroughly drooling, the numbered days passed quickly and finally the game was released.

Previously on Alone in the dark…

This time we’re a freelance investigator named Edward Carnby. As soon as we open our eyes, they take us to kill us. Who we are, what we are, why we were kidnapped, where we are, why we were killed are all unanswered questions. As we go to the top of the building for execution, a supernatural event occurs, and the person who led us to kill hunts on the way to the hunt. And as the building gradually collapses, you begin your adventure. It’s a very interesting entrance. A person is surprised by what he has suffered. All the questions that occur in your head are answered gradually as you progress. The entire adventure takes place in New York City’s famous Central Park, which contains secrets. The game is completely in the air of a series. You can play the last part from the beginning. Not only in general, but also the inner parts of the departments are divided. By stopping the game, you can move on to the next stage, which you can’t do at that moment and want to jump. When you finish the complete episode, the names of the producers start pouring out, as if that episode of the series is over. And when you enter again, you are presented with a summary of what you have experienced up to that moment. This technique was first encountered in the famous series Lost. But it’s been very successful here, too.

Fear doesn’t help Death

When it comes to tension, I think of the first atmosphere. The places I wander, the creatures that attack me, create the atmosphere when all the instant action is combined together. The park chosen as the environment, of course, changed slightly from normal when it became a horror theme. It’s hazy and foggy, and sometimes it’s too quiet, and sometimes it’s hard to walk without looking back. A new control system has been tried. The right analog is normally designed to throw the object in your hand while the camera functions this time. The sticks you see around, the boards, the chairs, etc. it is possible to use objects as weapons. After you take it in your hand, you attack with maneuvers that you will do, such as right to left or back and forth. Not only can you hit it straight, you can get close to the fire, burn the tip of your stick and fight harder. You can find your way through a dark passage using this feature. Fire is very important in the game. You kill all the creatures with direct fire. The bullet only keeps them on the ground for a short time, that’s all. If you want a complete solution, you need to burn it. If you don’t have any supplies, dragging the bodies into the fire will do the trick. Because you drive a car in many parts of the game, detailed actions were made onunda. When you get in, you can look at the torpedo to find something useful, turn on the radio, start it with a hot wire if you don’t have a key, or watch a fireworks display of creatures, jumping out of the car and burning spilled gasoline as they pierce the gas tank and drive towards the creatures.

Uses of double sided tape

Let me talk about the inventory system. When you press down on the direction keys, Edward opens his jacket and shows what he has. You know, those people who sell glasses and watches on the street, that’s the bill. On the left side stand small objects such as tape, lighters, while on the right side stand larger objects such as alcohol bottles, health spray. The place is both small and limited. You’re making a personal inventory based on the way you kill creatures and your interest in the environment. So you can’t make a mototof cocktail and use the spray as a flamethrower at the same time. Some things are definitely left out. And while it brings a little difficulty to the game, I think it’s a little limited. As you can imagine, it is possible to combine what you have with each other. When you use the tape on the bottle, you make it stick to where you throw it.

And when you use alcohol in your gun, you start firing flaming bullets. You can try a lot of combinations that you can think of, such as these few examples. You are already trying them in many of the puzzles that take place in the game. There are a wide range of objects that you can use, and shortcuts are assigned to Keys because you have limited time. By assigning the basic combinations you make here, you can quickly get what you want. For example, you can save a key as flashlight + weapon, B key as drink bottle + weapon. No specific indication of damage has been prepared. As you get beaten, your character’s arms, legs, and back start to get injured. And when it’s bad, you almost see your bones, and a timer comes out at the bottom. If you can’t make an intervention before the time is up, you’re bleeding to death. It’s also a nice detail to see continuous traces of blood behind you during that time.

I’ll burn this city!

As I said above, the producers have been especially hard on the fire. I’d say the flame with the best looking and function ever made. A fire can ignite enough from a small spark to burn down an entire room. You can break doors by knocking them down, as well as by igniting them. Although the environments are a thriller game, they are extremely realistic. When you manage to survive a supernatural attack in the toilet, you will find that everything is completely broken. The sections are not designed too large, it is possible to walk around the entire park without seeing any loading screens. You go into buildings for a mission and go part by part. Each building has its own grandeur. Beautiful sculptures, large flamboyant columns in the museum enrich the visual. The characters are also very high quality and realistically prepared. It’s obvious that faces are especially important. Even the slightest facial expressions stand out when you talk. Although the creatures are not very diverse, they are few and concise. Both the close-up images in the videos and the state in the game are creepy. I love music. Although you don’t hear much during the game. It happens in the background at important events. The songs that play between episodes and reminders are of very high quality.

Any roses without thorns?

For some reason, it’s been a camera fury lately. I don’t know what’s going on with these producers. OK, the new combat system is high-quality, but the right analog reserved for use in such games helped us turn the camera the way we wanted and see the surroundings comfortably. Once that goes away, you only have two options. Either you will play from the classic shoulder-mounted camera, which will cause you to not see what is happening to your right with your left, Miss many in-game visuals prepared according to fiction, or you will move from view to view camera. This time, you will need to constantly switch between cameras, as the camera will return to normal again in your inventory-related work. These transitions also seriously affect the atmosphere and make it difficult for you to concentrate on the game. There are also minor errors in the physics engine. Sometimes you can’t even climb on small sidewalks when you have an object in your hand. The stick you throw on the ground begins to ricochet, or the arm of the creature you kill constantly moves. You find dozens of errors, even if they are small. For some reason, the sound comes out very little compared to other games. Normally, I can’t even turn on the last sound until half the time when I turn on my speakers to the end, it’s only at the normal level.

When shutting down…

Alone in the Dark is the last game in the series to stand out as visual and fiction. Its interesting start, in-Game editing and atmosphere are very successful. It’s hard not to admire their music. It’s a nice detail to remind you of the episodes that progress in the taste of the series, the places you pass, what you do. But the camera is a serious problem. It undermines the atmosphere and the pleasure you get from the game. Problems caused by a small physics engine and a graphics engine can be ignored. Despite everything, if you want to be afraid, nervous, solve puzzles and experience a good adventure, you should definitely try it.

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