Aliens vs. Predator Review

Aliens vs. Predator

Irresponsibility causes people to find new resources and living spaces. As well as thoughtlessness, constant competitiveness and a sense of selfishness are similar to the struggles of wild animals of different species, despite the fact that they breathe the same air. The human brain is actually primitive. We discover amazing things, but we just stay there. Thinking about the future, taking precautions accordingly, unfortunately, we can’t think of without experiencing bad things. This puts us in the position of a loser every time, and together with our resources, we prepare for the end of our generation.

Developing technology and military power are driving humanity to establish colonies in space on planets other than Earth. Finding new resources is of course important. During the studies carried out for this purpose, a mysterious pyramid is discovered and a new dimension is given to archaeological studies. The human race, in fact, unwittingly puts a stick in the lair of trouble. Because the emergence of the Alien race means a great danger to every living being. The most troubling are the warrior Predator tribe…

The Aliens vs. Predator (AvP) scenario runs through three different branches. Therefore, by directing three different characters, we participate in the adventure through their eyes. As a savior, we can turn into an enemy or a poor creature in a hunting position. All the differences diminish as the episodes progress, and outlines emerge.

A good soldier is one who can survive
Let’s start with the soldiers. It is worth noting immediately that humans are weak against predators and Aliens. That’s what should happen, but we’re trying to close these gaps with our weapons and some equipment. We are moving forward by gathering information and cleaning up facilities that are no longer used. At least we have a radar for our enemies, where we can’t predict where they will come from. So as we approach the danger, the frequency of the signal it offers us increases. We can carry 2 guns on us. They’re our only means of defense against the creatures. In addition, we have a lamp. So we can easily move through the dark corridors. As of Beta, I didn’t like the feel of the shot, and especially the sound of our main weapon, the M41A/2 Pulse Rifle. I didn’t see any changes to the full version either.
We feel the suspense aspect of the game, Marine in the missions we control. Often dark and narrow corridors are the biggest factors to this. When we get damaged, medical packages that we can find around us catch up to our rescue. At the same time, we must use ammunition thriftily. We can easily detect both thanks to hologram indicators.You must show that you are ready to fight
When we choose predator, we have to prove that we are ready for those who are experienced. In the first mission, we do exercises on our features, such as using lasers, attacking – defending with claws, and long jumping. And then we leave the colony and find ourselves in the dense vegetation of the planet to be trouble for people. Of course, it is worth saying that some maps can also be played with 3 different races, while others are exclusive to only one genre.

When I first landed in the forest, I immediately remembered the movie Predator, which came to the screen in ‘ 87. A rescue team under the command of Dutch (Schwarzenegger) was heading deep into the forest to rescue the hostages he was supposed to have kidnapped alive. In our game, things are more technological. We have to kill special armor and armed soldiers, but there are still a lot of things you want to see from the movie and do. It’s like jumping over trees and waiting for your prey, attacking by entering invisibility mode, or going to the conclusion with your laser weapon from a long distance. The more you hold the mouse while using this weapon, the more effective it is. You can even tear the other one to pieces. The knives in both hands and the “throwable knives” we found in the environment are also important attack tools. And we can make a” hiding finishing shot.” If you usually catch your enemies defenseless, press E and see the result. You hunt in different styles, but each with deadly methods from the other.

As other features, we can show that our characters can listen to living things over long distances and even understand the model of the weapons they have by analyzing them. Despite all this, The Predator also has weaknesses. For example, they are bulkier than your family race. When he gets damaged, he has special health stones so that he can heal himself. Going back to the first Predator movie again, this creature was treating its own wounds in one scene, and it was a terrible scream at the time. Although it is not as effective as it is, it is possible to hear the like in AVP.

If you want to destroy it, you must find the source
Queen Alien is, I’m sure, the ugliest being that the title “Queen” has ever been juxtaposed. Unfortunately, the creatures don’t think like us and have great loyalty to him. When we decide to run Alien, we open our eyes in the lab. A creature named number 6 is being trained under the control of professors. The first step is to follow up on whether what he was told was done. Once you’ve gained the ability to make your own decisions, it’s time to hunt. In this way, we can understand the nature of this creature.

Aliens can move very fast and move from almost anywhere. It doesn’t notice the floor, the ceiling, a small hole or a vent. Their use of darkness as an advantage and their ability to see even living things behind the wall make them a small sneaky killer. As with Predator, Aliens have brutal finishing moves. Especially if you’re moving on the ceiling and want to sneak up on your opponent, you can jump on your prey from above and enjoy the moment.Roads, trees, what else
Aliens vs Predator takes place both outdoors and indoors. When we move indoors, we don’t usually have a second heading. Except, of course, that the aliens barged through every hole they found and found new methods. In the outer environment, we can do more tactics. Especially thanks to the ability of predators to jump, we can evaluate every detail we find.
The game’s graphics are generally good. The designs and light-shadow effects are beautiful. The visuals, especially in the finishing strokes, are also quite severe. I didn’t like the music of the production, which I also found audibly successful. As I mentioned in my previous article, the sound of the M41A/2 Pulse Rifle is muffled and not of high quality. The creatures ‘ screams and the sounds of increased heartbeats as they walk through the darkness stretch the environment well.

Come to the slaughter
As the battle between the alien and Predator races continues at full throttle, people are no different from the unfortunate victims who are unintentionally left between the two sides. Because in multiplayer modes, this is very much felt. One of the most beautiful aspects of the game is the multiplayer modes. You can choose from three races and get involved in the excitement. Let’s talk about Multiplayer modes:

Infestation: as an Alien, you must kill all human soldiers. Your successful moves are preparing a small Alien army for you. Survivor: with your 4-man team, you must capture the designated area and protect it from subsequent attacks. To increase your dwindling ammo, you have to go to unsafe areas. Predator Hunt: this time we are also trying to hunt other players by controlling a predator. Species Deathmatch: a comprehensive fight in which teams of three different races face off. Domination: whoever captures the important areas specified in this mode and manages to protect them for the longest time is victorious. Mixed Species Deathmatch: The Races on each team are different, but they all have the same goal; kill.

You can try it all out and make sure you can enjoy it as well, but my favorite will always be Deathmatch mode. Especially when you play with a small number of players, you have incredible moments. It’s like you’re moving in Scenario Mode, not online. The only difference is, this time you’re setting the script, and I like it very much. I’ve played with all races many times. In this part, the pros and cons in the single-person mode also appear. But this time it is necessary to think twice because the players we are facing are controlled by real people. It took me a while to control alien in particular. In the other two races, I didn’t have much trouble. Controlling the Predator, cutting it, disguising and acting as an Alien, and vomiting bullets as a soldier, gives you the chance to have fun with every taste.

Rebellion has been making its name with unsuccessful Productions recently. There is no doubt that the names Alien and Predator have important places in the history of cinema and have many fans. For this reason, I can recommend the production primarily for fans. In addition, players looking for different tastes as multiplayer modes can also try.

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