Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Review

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Now it has become quite common for us to play movies that we often encounter, or make movies of games. Aliens vs. the film of the same name Predator: Requiem is not exactly the same but has a similar story to the film. However, it would be wrong to say that the game is quite easy and that there is no action and struggle in the film.

As you can imagine, the production in which we control predator has a not-so-full story. It’s not common for an alien ship to fall from the sky into a small town in Colorado. Our mission is to destroy all traces of extraterrestrial life forms, including themselves. However, from time to time we also encounter military forces and unarmed civilians. Encounters often become easily combatable with superior Predator technology. It is obvious that we are somewhat superior with the cloak of invisibility, three different modes of vision, and resourceful weapons.

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AvP: we mentioned that Requiem is easy; as for the reason. We’re already technologically equipped. However, in case of an attack to be withdrawn, we can again move to the superior position using the invisibility feature. Also, when we see that our health level is low, we can go to the map screen and use our abilities to increase our health to the full level. However, the feature that distinguishes us from a killing machine is that advantages such as a cloak and special weapons are soon exhausted. Even a fully loaded energy bar can empty in as little as 10 seconds. However, even 10 seconds is enough to gain the upper hand over the enemy. By pressing both shoulder keys, the enemy is locked and the end of the enemy is brought using the desired weapon.

We are also awarded with honor points as we achieve some of the determined goals. Situations such as not killing civilians, marking aliens before they are killed, allow us to earn points. In this way, The Predator’s armor and weapons can be upgraded. Because of the situation where we shoot at everything that is already walking and get points from everything that is killed, there is also no need to make an extra effort to earn points. At the beginning of the article, I stated that we must destroy all traces of extraterrestrial life forms, including themselves. We destroyed the aliens, and what happened to their tracks? Scattered throughout the sections are objects such as alien ship parts, and it is our duty to find and collect them.

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But it was made as easy as earning points by killing the part to find. Because the locations of the searched objects are marked on the map. So the search part is also quite easy. Although the episodes are not considered linear, they end in the same way. Although there are different ways to finish the episodes, the probe all leads to the same door. In the production, there are skirmish and Multiplayer modes that have been put as a bonus. In Skirmish mode, we try to score high by killing the largest number of aliens in 5 minutes. It is also possible to fight with our friends in multiplayer supported via Ad-Hoc mode. In general, average-level sounds and graphics combine with fairly easy gameplay. Therefore, it is possible to cool down in a short time from construction. While there are better quality action games on the market, it would be more accurate to recommend the production to fans of the film.

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