Alien Syndrome Review

alien syndrome

We don’t often come across 3D actions published by SEGA. In fact, Alien Syndrome, which comes out on the PSP console, explains why. Sega, which acquired a number such as re-releasing old Productions, remade Alien syndrome with sci-fi content, which was playable in 1987. But unfortunately, as is often the case, some productions cannot overcome that they were beautiful in the past, at least in memory, they should remain that way, and bad results continue to emerge.

Black hole

It is a fact that the production, which also shows growth on the Wii platform, does at least a better job on the PSP. Probably the fact that the resolution is a little higher on this platform can also be said to have caused this. Generally, in science fiction productions, the story is stale, with similar characters, and the end is predictable. Unfortunately, Alien syndrome can’t promise a different experience than most science fiction games and movies with similar action, familiar story and characters. As expected, the game focuses on topics such as aliens, alien ships, and living research. Before entering the action, we are asked to choose one of five different character classes. It is not surprising, of course, that the selected characters have areas of expertise and the weapons they use. But the most surprising point is that the points we spend on obtaining locked weapons are not spent on a weapon that is superior to a weapon that we have or can be found.

Throughout the production, we generally look for traces of life on maps in somewhat labyrinthine forms, shooting at creatures that look more like ghouls than aliens. At first, this situation can be considered good, but it is largely undermined due to repeated enemy and division designs. Also, by running past some creatures that are constantly hiding, fleeing the line of fire, reaching the next checkpoint also shows that artificial intelligence is not enough. Dec decimated and not too difficult Boss battles with more points is possible to collect. Although some of them are useless to us, it is possible to access a variety of armor and equipment, except for weapons that can be collected. Although it has been attempted to join some RPG mood by collecting characters, weapons and equipment, gaining experience points, it cannot reach the desired level due to errors in the content (as in the weapons hierarchy).

General course

In terms of controls, the production, which is also separated by the Wii, leaves the work of character control and targeting to the analog lever. Some situations, such as fighting the enemy, seem to be more successful on this platform. The construction, which does a good job in terms of camera control, also allows you to look from the desired position thanks to the analog lever by holding down the triangle button. It is possible to experience the action with your friends with a multiplayer mode that supports up to four people. But unfortunately, there is no support for online games in multiplayer mode. In terms of graphics, Alien Syndrome, which is surprisingly better seen on PSP than on the Wii, draws smoother lines than on TV. This, of course, does not mean that the graphics are very good. It is also obvious that the number of enemies ‘ polygons is lower in the PSP. In general, the production is seen as no different from a classic science fiction game. Combined with some errors and omissions in the content, it cannot exceed the average. But it can be suggested to those who have a more interest in the genre.

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