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agent hugo

Hugo, our phone-controlled hero, became an agent and took his place in the game world again after a long time. Hugo and Tolga abi are two old friends. Contestants would participate in the competition program on television by phone and try to achieve success in the episodes by pressing the appropriate phone keys at appropriate times. I also had my mother call me all the time because I was a strict fanatic, but she didn’t have the opportunity to join me. However, it was quite fun to watch every day without getting tired. When we thought our hero Hugo, who had only one tooth left, was retiring, he was an R.I.S.We’ve been informed that he’s a K agent. Along with Agent Hugo, he has lost nothing of his adventurous spirit, even returning this time to grapple with more dangerous missions.

Where Are we chopping now?

Hugo, here’s 3. it’s controlled from a person’s view, and we control it with even less than the classic action game controls. The event takes place in a city called Aquapolis, completely covered with water, where transportation is carried out by vehicles traveling on water. Hugo da, R.I.S.An agent working for an organization called K. We are constantly taking on various tasks from this organization and trying to fulfill them in the game. The difficulty levels of the tasks we have to perform are quite low, we don’t have to strain ourselves to succeed, but they’re still enjoyable to sit and deal with, and they’re not boring enough to require us to get out of the head right away. Tasks are performed in two ways, some of them on the water when we do our vehicle, some of them by getting off our vehicle, but the vast majority on the vehicle, and already these sections are much more enjoyable.

When we start, we will see that we are constantly given tasks, and the locations of tasks are also shown on our radar at the bottom right. By following here, we can easily reach them. Thanks to this radar, we can see not only missions, but also mini-games, save points, enemies and garages that we can play. Our duties usually vary between going somewhere or shooting enemies. There are no creative missions, and we know them all from most action games we play. Our vehicle controls have nothing but diving in water, changing weapons, and shooting. In addition, in some missions, we will also have to jump out of our vehicle using the X key and ride in other vehicles or swim directly. In our missions on foot, the goal is usually to get to the necessary places without being caught by the guards and mines in the vicinity. In order to neutralize enemies for a while, we have a bomb next to us, except that we can put Hugo, who usually runs, into silent walking mode with the Shift key, but I didn’t need this key much during the time I played, unfortunately, the artificial intelligence of enemies is too weak to require us to use it.

Boom, boom, try again!

Although Hugo 3 has passed into dimension, the graphics here do not promise much. The designs of the surrounding buildings and objects are very similar to the games of many years ago. For the sake of graphics, maybe the water effect can come to the fore a little, but not much. We can’t say that character animations are also very touching. In fact, even though we spoke negatively in this paragraph, we can say that Hugo still promised us enough fun in this game and did not allow us to get bored and throw it away in the first minutes.

It’s fun to fight other enemy vehicles using our weapons in our vehicle. Although we find their tactics and destroy them easily, sometimes shooting them after a long pursuit can give it some action. Hugo is a production that is quite simple to play and is prepared in a difficult way that we can finish comfortably in one sitting. As for the voices, the characters ‘ vocalizations are beautiful, but the music is also not prepared for the solid action genre, perhaps considering the younger players. In follow-up times, a gas music can be activated, but how much gas is also discussed.

We mentioned that there are also mini-games on the Radar. And these are no more than one or two. One of them is already classic, we are competing against another element and trying to beat them by passing through checkpoints in time. In such cases, the mission freezes for a while and then comes back into play. Another is to collect bombs in time, we need to collect bombs spread by the computer in time and bring them to certain places. They’re all set to add fun and color. As the radar shows, there are save points. It’s actually a gas station, and we can log in and record our game. Every time we record it, it overwrites the previous one, and keep that in mind.

The game ends here

Agent Hugo, it’s all fun. Although it doesn’t promise great graphics or a lively atmosphere, personally I love such fun games and I’ve played them without getting bored. If you want to get into a little action and hug your old friend Hugo again without straining yourself, you don’t mind taking it and playing, it would be great. In this way, you can get tired of games where the action goes ahead and relax for the purpose of cookies.


Easy controls, fun gameplay, a chance to remember our old friend Hugo

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