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age of sail ii

Without a doubt, Talonsoft’s age of Sail II is the best naval battle simulation ever built. Although we examine it among the original Age of Sail, Wooden Ships & Iron Men and the man of war games, this is the best game in its class. But the game also comes with a lot of technical problems (bugs) and negative aspects. Although the game was published before it was completed and not tested enough, it is a very beautiful game.

Age of Sail II is released as a sequel to the original 1997 game. This game can be called exactly a 3D real-time sea battle game. It contains more than 100 scripts and 6 Stories (campaigns), all set between 1775 and 1820. (7. the story is added with the first patch of the game). Scenarios vs. Constitution Small ship-to-ship battles such as Guerriere, Camperdown and Cape St. It ranges from massive fleet battles, such as the Vincent Wars. It includes several fitting battles, such as the Battle of the American fleets against the British in 1812. The lack of a script editor in the game is a deficiency, but the fact that it contains an excessive number of pre-made scenarios closes this deficiency.

Fans of the original Age of Sail will immediately notice the visual improvement in this game. The 3D engine, which is also used in the Sea Dogs game, is really impressive. You can see sails, fires and ship hulls torn apart during the battle, detailed down to their crews roaming each ship in the game. There are a few minor problems with this engine, such as polygonal mixing when ships are too close to each other, but in general, the graphical aspect of age of Sail II is very successful. In addition, Game Soundtracks really fit the environment very well. Since the sound effects can usually be considered good, the sounds of the ball explosion remain a little dim… Although it resembles the Sea Dogs game due to the 3D engine used, this game is a different game as a theme and gameplay style.

Shallow waters can be really dangerous in the game. Elements such as shallow waters and sharp rocks have been added to Age of Sail II that you should pay attention to near terrestrial regions. So many elements that a good captain should pay attention to not sink his ship are reflected. These elements play a fairly large role in combat strategy…

Sometimes you have to deal with terrestrial dangers as well as castles built on the shores. In some scenarios, you can encounter various Castle types. But unfortunately, these castles are not always dangerous, as they should be. In some scenarios, they do a lot of damage to you, and in others, they look like ornaments without a single shot.

The controls in age of Sail II aren’t bad. To select a ship, you can click on it on the screen or select its name from the list. Each ship’s crew can be given various orders, such as what type of shot to shoot, where to focus. The crew management screen is one of the most useful features in the game: you can order one part of your crew to repair damage, another part to extinguish fires, or to refloat a docked ship. You can also determine the number of crew to board ships and their rewards when they capture enemy ships. Some commands on these Management screens can be very unnecessary, while a feature such as active repair crew can mean victory or disappointment at the end of long battles.

In addition, you can specify groups and sequences specific to your ships. Although the ship management system is not very perfect, with these adjustments, you notice that your ships are a little more faithful to your orders. For example, you can select a group and order them to line up along a line or move to an attack line. For some reason, you can’t change the sequence of your fleet before the scenario starts in the game, whereas in a real battle, the captain finds time to determine his preparation and sequence in advance for battle… This time is not given to you, and instead you drown in dealing with sequences as soon as the scenario starts, and often the enemy ships start in a combat position within firing distance as soon as the game starts, and dealing with sequences can be really frustrating…The water is obvious flaw in the game: for example, we have selected a team of 8 ships, formation and tactics of war have changed, afallayip your ships at a time can go together, 3 of them getting shot, looks bosbos 4 of them, the other one can dive into the enemy fleet without regard to your order. And the most annoying thing is that your team is so ridiculous that the opposing fleet is perfectly lined up and ready for the battle situation. Obviously, the sequence system is not yet fully installed in the game, so it would be most reasonable to leave this sequence event aside and order all your ships one by one until the game patches come out.

As soon as you start fighting the opposite fleet, the results may not be very pleasant. While the game can easily handle small-scale conflicts, it can slow down excessively in large battles in which too many ships clash-as the game is still in development. Even a computer with a very fast processor and 3D accelerator cannot go up to 4-5 frames per second in such cases. Although only in battles at sea, the problem is a little less, the game becomes unbearable, especially when it approaches land and the shapes of the earth are involved. Although the game is pleasant to the eye, very serious improvements need to be made on this 3D engine.

In small-scale scenarios that can work easily on your computer, there are two other main problems. The first problem is time constraints in scenarios. In a naval battle, it makes a lot of sense to finish the game when the game is too long or one of the parties escapes, but at a time when you are fighting the enemy, landing from ship to ship, maybe you will win the game for another 20 seconds, the end of the game without waiting for your approval can wear out nerves. This problem will lead to much bigger problems, especially in larger scenarios and storylines, which are relatively difficult to win.

The second problem is less obvious, but it can be as frustrating as the previous one: most scenario descriptions can contain completely false information that is irrelevant, misleading, or, in the most explicit words, completely false. For example, in the second mission of the Great Fleets story, you are told that you will get extra points per ship that you will reach the “mission completion point”, but there is no such point anywhere on the map, and even more interestingly, there are no ships that you will escort in the game. In fact, all you have to do about it is destroy the French fleet that you encounter at the beginning of the game, of course, he never mentioned it.

In the game, the French do not have tricolor flags belonging to the Napoleonic era, regardless of the years, but instead have irrelevant flags. Scroll bars on the ship list don’t always work, computer-controlled ships can go and board the nearest rock for no reason, and the menu where you change the image details doesn’t work. In addition, when you try to return to a story that you have already saved, your computer often crashes. In general, Age of Sail II contains many more minor problems, but still some times the game can be quite enjoyable. Because the design of the game is very good and visually excellent. In most scenarios and stories, the subject and tension in the game fit very well into the real-life period. But I have to repeat that the game was published before it was finished. For this reason, despite all its beautiful graphics and design, it can get your hatred for its technical glitches.

Since there are not many games in this genre on the market, those who like the genre can buy and try this game, which has not yet been completed. I just recommend that people who read the article and wonder wait until the completed version of the game comes out. (Those who know, Microsoft’s Age of Empires II : Age of Kings also entered the market before it was complete, and it had absurd problems, such as people going through walls or turning into another person when they fought. But when the full version came out, we could understand what a great game it was)

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