Age Of Empires II The Conquerors Review

Age Of Empires II The Conquerors

As with all series of Microsoft Age of Empires, it has achieved perfection in this game, becoming a very good example of the RTS (Real Rime Strategy) genre. Every aspect of the game is prepared in very high quality. The image shape is chosen as a perspective, as always. All races speak in their own language, units react in their own language when selected. (A nation of British origin says Atack when attacking, a soldier from the Turkish nation attacks Allah Allah), while the music of the game is selected from ethnic music, which allows us to concentrate thoroughly on the game. It allows us to learn a little bit about its history, while digesting the spirit of that nation while playing its subjects. When you buy and start playing the game, you will find that the units and maps are drawn in great detail. All the characters are very meticulously prepared.

The game is separated from its genre counterparts by its handling of real subjects, The Times and spaces through which the game passes. It is neither set between future or decadent historical events such as the Command&Conquer series, nor between fantastic creatures such as Warcraft. Everything is realistically prepared, no unit has been given superhuman characteristics. This, in turn, can be considered proof that it is a seriously prepared game. The game offers up to 8 people to fight on the same map over the internet with the option to create endless maps in the Standard Game (non-subject game played against the computer) option and 18 races and multi-player support that can be selected. Thus gaining unlimited playability.

“Age of Empires II: The Conquerors”, which is released as an expansion set in the game” Age Of Empires II: The Age of Kings”, concentrates its theme (called campaign in the game) on legendary leaders in history. As can be seen from the expansion set, in order for us to install and play this game, we also need to have the game “Age Of Empires II: The Age of Kings” and the game must be installed on our computer in advance. Hun Attila, El Cid, Montezuma and famous battles 4 new themes added to our game. In addition, 5 new races (Korean, Spanish, Astek, Maya and Hun), 11 new units and 26 new technologies have been added to the game. With 5 new races added, there are a total of 18 races to choose from. At the same time, new map types and game winning standards were introduced for single-player and multiplayer games. Rainforests, frozen lakes, snowy places along with real places from the world have added a feature to the game that prevents us from constantly seeing the same map shape and getting bored.

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For those who have never known this game, let’s introduce some units and buildings of the game:

Units in the game are divided into classes:

Villagers (Shepherd): they collect food from fields, game animals, fish, so that you can feed your soldiers. They cut down trees and build buildings, work in a stone mine, build the walls necessary for you to protect your banner, build castles. They work in a gold mine and get the money you have to pay your soldiers. In other words, they are your most important units.

Infantry( Infantry): these are the most practical and inexpensive type of soldiers in the game. They fight hand-to-hand with swords and shields. They’re very capable of demolishing buildings.

Archers( Archer): they are one to kill distant soldiers. They harass enemies with a hit – and-run. They’re completely useless in hand-to-hand combat.

Cavalry (Mounted Units): these are mounted soldiers and move quite quickly, forming the best way to reach the Archers.

Siege Weapons: this group consists of weapons such as a catapult and a shahmer (a weapon used to destroy the castle gates). They are used to demolish buildings and commit mass destruction to enemy groups.

Ships: these are ships that fish from the sea, transport your units to extreme territory and fight.

Special units (Unic Units): one of the most beautiful features in this game is these units: unique soldiers of each race. For Example: Janissary Of The Turks, Samurai Of The Japanese, Knights Of The French, Archers Of The English…

Priests (Monks): they treat your soldiers and inculcate enemy soldiers to pass into your army.The buildings in the game are:

Village Center: we raise the villagers from this building. All collected items can be transported here. In addition, the necessary age jumps for your technologies to develop are checked here. The game includes The Dark Ages, feudal ages, Middle Ages and imperial ages.

Homes: places to live for peasants and soldiers, if your home quota is full, you have to set up more for new units.

Camps: by placing them near trees and mines, it allows the collected substances to pass into your hands faster.

Mill: allows you to get food faster by installing it near food-producing centers.

Monastery: educates monks.

Blacksmith: strengthens the weapons and armor of your units.

University: explores new technologies

Garrisons: train soldiers and produce siege weapons.

Shipyard: builds ships.

Castle: grows special units and protects your village.

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Towers and ramparts: sets your boundaries and prevents enemies from storming your village.

Wonder of the world: the pupil of your empire, special to your race. For example, Hagia Sophia for the Turks

Now let’s talk about Game innovations that experienced users will like:

Now, when we ask the villagers to set up a camp, as soon as they set up the camp, they automatically start mining or cutting down trees.

A man can be inserted into the shahmerdans (Ram). In this way, they can move much faster and demolish buildings much faster, and the men who are inserted into them are 100% protected from Arrow blows. A huge burden has also been lifted from the backs of the players. We can sort up to 15 fields in Mills. So the villagers automatically rebuild a farm that runs out of food. Huns of new races do not need home 🙂

As said at the beginning of the article, we can choose 5 new races. New races have very interesting weapons and units. For example, Korean Turtle ships fire short-range and very fast cannons. They can bury other ships in the water in 1-2 seconds. And the Huns have Tarkans, they set buildings on fire. Unit promotions have been increased. Scouts (scout) 3. with a promotion, it becomes faster and more durable. Ravens (Pikemen) again 3. he gets a promotion. A technology called a thumb ring has been added for archers. With this technology, they can shoot with 100% accuracy… Game-winning standards have been added, such as Protect Wonder, King of the Hill. Added the ability to develop a very special technology in their castle for each race. Our game contains many more exciting features. A must-have game for strategy addicts. A game that can be considered an excellent start for people who have not played or been interested in the type of strategy before.

Technical features of the game are as follows:

Very high screen resolutions are supported (800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024).

Game soundtracks are made as CD-audio. It uses Directsound as an audio technology, which allows us to listen to mp3 in the background while hearing Game sound effects, one-on-one for those who are tired of Game Music…

Multi-player support: it can be played over Arica LAN (local network – can be played in Internet cafes), direct tcp/ip (each user can open the game at their own ip address). A computer with a 400 Mhz processor, 64 Mb of RAM, and a 16 MB video card would be a sufficient platform to enjoy the game enough.

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