Age Of Empires II Review

Age Of Empires II

In a long time – not since war Craft 2 – Have I played such a pleasurable RTS. The game is set in medieval England. The story of the Scots ‘ survival from cruel English oppression. It reveals the spirit of William Wallace, which exists in all of us. Yes, it’s almost the same as war craft in the game, but with much newer techniques, both graphics and sound. And people on both sides who are fighting. Now in many games, you are first asked if you want to get the game trained before you start the game. He got his share of this fashion in Age of Empires. Although he did it well. If you choose Training Mode, it teaches you everything from executing individual people to upgrading your structures. After that, you only have to finish the game.

In the game, we meet our needs through peasants. Our villagers, who collect the materials necessary for us to develop and make soldiers, are the main heroes of the game. They even join the war in case of need, while meeting our needs with items such as gold, food and trees that they collect from nature. They cut down the land, or animals, provide food, build houses, garrisons, repair damaged structures. In short, they’re running to our every job. Then the more they are, the better. In order to develop a volume, you must complete the needs list that appears on the screen when you select the volume. For example, to upgrade your main building, you need 500 trees, 100 food and 500 gold. Every improvement you make means that your people become stronger and more resilient. After choosing your peasant to be able to build a structure, you choose the structures that he can produce according to your needs. If you want a structure to finish faster, send a few more villagers to the structure after ordering the construction (or cheat :p). You’ll notice it’s over much faster. As they say, what’s wrong with one hand, two hands have 10 fingers…

The graphics of the game are satisfactory. I can’t say that I like the graphics used in the first level structures, but the design of the higher level structures was much more successful. So as soon as I got the first chance, I immediately upgraded my buildings. To circumvent the level of a building, you must first circumvent the level of your main building. One of the biggest reasons I love Age of Empires so much is that the speech and sound effects are undoubtedly quite successful. Proof that the game goes through a tight circuit of preparation and work. Professionally crafted without missing any details. As a result, if you haven’t played yet, you’ve missed a lot.


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