Agatha Christie: Murder on The Orient Express Review

agatha christie murder on the orient express

A strange play Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express (Motoe). I had the same feeling when I played and then There Were none (Attwn). The game was over and he’s okay? Bad? I couldn’t decide. I would have loved? Or didn’t I like it? How many points was I going to give you? I felt the same way when I played MotoE. I can write a review that I can bury. I can write such a review that I can also make the game one of the best adventure games of the year.

Let’s see where the inscription takes us. AWE Games again presents one of Agatha Christie’s most famous novels. Murder on the Orient Express. Printed in 1994, the production was translated into dozens of languages and sold billions. If you’ve read the novel, you already know the fascinating and surprising ending and fiction. In the book, two different endings were presented to the reader. In the game, this number was increased to three. The biggest difference from the book is that our hero can get out of the train in the game. Already the third and surprise ending is based on this factor.

Regardez Mademosielle

In MotoE, as in ATTWN, we direct a character who is not included in the novel. Our Character Is Antoinette Marceau. Yes, a lady. Marceau was assigned by the boss of the train company where he worked to assist Hercule Poirot on his journey. Another yes, in our play, as in the novel, Our Belgian, egg-headed detective has taken his place in Hercule Poirot. So, why don’t we play with the legendary detective Poirot? The producers thought that playing a legendary character like Poirot would damage our detective’s charisma. And they’re a little right. Imagine Poirot wandering around looking for clues. For that reason, Miss Marceau is under our control. Poirot, on the other hand, is injured in an accident on a train journey and cannot get out of bed. Marceau does all the research and interrogations. From time to time, he goes to Poirot and exchanges information and takes clues from Poirot.

Sirkeci is a work of art beyond gardan

Guess where we start building. At the Circus station. How often have we started seeing games in Istanbul lately (I think I exaggerated), right? I hope that one day we will see similar productions from the hands of Turkish producers.

Let’s get to the story without further ado. Hercule Poirot, after working for the Turkish government for a while, was urgently called to England. Marceau, who has been appointed his assistant, runs after Poriot at the Sirkeci station.

Where Were we? Marceau was chasing Poirot. During this hustle and bustle, Marceau encounters and gets the opportunity to meet many of the passengers. Like a princess, a cocky rich Ratchett and Greta Ohlsson at a school opening in Gemlik. Shortly after this rush is over, Poirot, Marceau and the other passengers take their seats on the train. An avalanche that fell as a result of heavy snowfall closes the train path, and after a while one of the passengers, Samuel Ratchett, is found dead in his compartment. With a gun under his pillow and 12 stab wounds to his body.

If you know the facts, don’t mess with clues

Marceau asks Poriot to handle the case. But Poirot, who fell to the ground when the train braked suddenly, is unable to get out of his bed. However, Poirot wants Marceau to do all the research and investigation on his behalf, and even proposes a contest. If Marceau agrees, Poirot will give Marceau minimal assistance and leave the solution to many of the puzzles to Marceau. This choice is actually a difficulty level choice hidden in the game. According to this choice, the clues that Poirot will give you will change. To be honest, I just played at a difficult level. So if you choose the easy level in the choice to be made here, I don’t know exactly what amenities are waiting for you. But I can say that even the difficult level of production will not force a good adventure player.

Murder on the Orient Express has quite an interesting structure. He asks the player to play an adventure game at the computer, to put together the pieces of a single puzzle, thinking from where he is sitting, instead of solving puzzles. The number of puzzles is too small to exceed the number of fingers of one hand. Instead of solving puzzles, the player spends most of his time going through passengers ‘ belongings, first collecting their passports, then fingerprints, then footprints, and talking to passengers to get information about their past. As you can see from here, you have five main tasks to do. These are collecting passports, collecting fingerprints, collecting footprints, drawing a timeline of the day of the murder, talking to passengers to gather information about their past and where they were at the time of the murder.

In doing all this, the curtain on your main puzzle, the murder, is slowly opening up. What’s left to you is to sit and sit back and just think and think, as Poriot always does. At the end of Motoe, Poirot classically gathers all the suspects around him and sorts out his solutions. At this point in the production, he often asks Marceau questions, testing how much you understand puzzles.

Facts and evidence

Okay, so many clues, so many fingerprints, where are they collected? In this regard, the producers did their best to ensure that the player did not head to the pen and prepared an excellent inventory system. In the inventory system of our game, which is in the classic “point & click” genre, we can see all objects together and use several objects together. In addition, in the documents section, we can read Marceau’s notes from letters and books throughout the adventure. The passports we collect take their place in a separate section of the inventory. Here we can see photos of passengers and passport information at any time. Similarly, all the fingerprints we have collected are included in a separate section of the inventory. By comparing the fingerprints we took from the passengers and the fingerprints we took from the items and some places on the train, in this window, it is easy to understand who touched where. While we’re dealing with all this, we’re trying to create a timeline of the day of the murder in the document section of our inventory. The miracle inventory doesn’t end with that either. All details, such as which passenger is staying in which compartment, whether there is evidence that he was not alone at the time of the murder, which passengers ‘ passports and fingerprints were taken, are presented to the player in separate windows. With all this, it is possible to see where we are in the race that Poirot has proposed to us, and what Poirot wants from us. Thanks to this detailed inventory system, all you have left is to collect clues, talk to passengers, and navigate the inventory pages and try to solve the murder.

After reviewing MotoE’s story, gameplay and puzzles, let’s move on to the graphics. I was quite surprised by the graphics of the game. In general, in adventure games, the quality of intermediate videos is decidedly higher than the quality of their in-game graphics. And at MotoE, it’s a complete lesson. The in-game graphics are decidedly good for an adventure game, but it’s not possible to say the same for intermediate videos. These fairly low-resolution videos and unsuccessful character animations, unfortunately, are very noticeable. The firm will certainly have to take precautions in this regard because I am sure they will receive serious criticism.

The graphics are disappointing, while the vocalizations make us laugh. In particular, Hercule Poirot’s voice-over is definitely the highest quality and most professional voice-over ever made in an adventure game. Already, the producers have commissioned David Suchet, who previously voiced Poirot again on the BBC.

Poirot leans back and thinks…

Motoe is a really different adventure game with a different logic. It doesn’t have much of a negative aspect, except for its graphics. The lack of a small number of easy in-game puzzles has been offset by the fact that the producers have done a lot of brain training for the player. The vocalizations are perfect, the atmosphere is perfect, Istanbul is perfect, the surprise end of the game is perfect. Then, “et Voila…”

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