Aero Elite: Combat Academy

Aero Elite: Combat Academy

Aero Elite: Combat Academy, referred to in Japan as Aero Dancing 4: New Generation (エアロダンシング4 ニュージェネレーション, Earo Danshingu 4 Nyū Jenerēshon), is a combat pilot test program created by Sega AM2 and distributed by Sega for PlayStation 2.

It is the last game in the AeroWings arrangement, and was additionally viewed as the best: quality designs, exceptionally point by point and enlivened 3D plane models, more than 60 planes to fly (counting Mig 29, SU27, Mirage2000, Harrier, A10, Tornado, and so forth), testing missions and new unique highlights like the “scramble” mode – an arbitrary capture mission where a player should take off, block an obscure gatecrasher plane, take pictures to recognize it, at that point get back to the base and land to complete the mission.


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