Adding Night Mode to Xbox controllers and consoles

Xbox controllers

Night Mode, a feature that has been expected by gamers for quite some time, will soon be added to Xbox controllers and consoles.

Microsoft is working on a new Night Mode feature for Xbox controllers and consoles. The Night Mode feature, which is being tested with the Xbox Insiders program, allows Xbox owners to adjust their screens, controller LED brightness, and even the brightness of the Xbox power button. This update, which is thought to be officially coming soon, is yet to be tested exclusively on Xbox Insiders.

Adding Night Mode to Xbox controllers and consoles

With the Night Mode feature to be added, You’ll be able to do a lot of customization, including different dimming levels and an optional blue light filter. In addition, the white LED light on the Xbox controllers at night can be quite bright and distracting, even disturbing your eyes. Xbox owners who are uncomfortable with this light with the newly added Night Mode feature will be able to adjust the brightness of the LED light on their controller as they wish and continue their games.

The Night Mode feature also allows you to dim or turn off the power button light on top of your Xbox console, while you can command your console to automatically turn Night Mode on/off after a certain time and keep the HDR off when the system is in night mode. This feature, which is still in the testing phase with the Xbox Insiders program, is expected to be officially released in the coming weeks. Also shared by Tom Warren, the video promoting Night Mode can be found below.

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