Addiction Pinball Review

addiction pinball

Pinball or tilt as we know it. First, We Met Your tilt machines in gaming halls with this concept. He didn’t have a computer system like that. It was just a chart or two that we saw on the scoreboard. There were two keys to our right and left, and a ball. All that. All you have to do is keep the ball in the game with the help of these two rackets (I call it a racket because it has a name that I can’t think of right now) and try not to lose it, and while doing so, get points. Getting the score was by throwing the ball on the rails in the game or throwing the ball into some holes. In Commodore times, I only went to the arcades to play tilt. I’d be interested in other games, but Tilt was the most enjoyable for me. Later, I found a tilt game on the Commodore, but I couldn’t remember its name. He managed for a while. Then the Amiga era began. I’ve played three great tilt games on the Amiga, two of which I remember from the same company. Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Quest. First I played Pinball Dreams from morning to night. And then I met Pinball Fantasies. Both of these games are from Digital Illusions, The King of tilt games on the Amiga. And finally, Pinball Quest. This was a little different from the others. Because the area we played was very, very big. So the camera wandered to the right and left, but it was very enjoyable and had excellent graphics. And in The Last Days of the Amiga, I played a tilt game called Obsession. He was beautiful, too, but I think there must be very few people who have heard his name. That’s how our time on the Amiga went. Tilt games on the PC were not held up as much as on the Amiga. Actually, I don’t think it would be a lie if we said it wasn’t done much. Sierra’s 3D Ultra Pinball is the first tilt game I bought on my PC, but I can’t say that I like it very much and it stalls me for hours. I got tired of him so quickly. Later came an unbeatable tilt game from Worms 2, that is, Team 17, the excellent Amiga gaming software company. Addiction Pinball. Best tilt game ever. On both PC and Amiga.

There are two tables in the game. Don’t worry, two tables are missing from other tilt games, but you don’t feel it at all. One of these tables is about the game of Worms, and the other is about Rally Racing. Both enjoy each other. You have 4 separate camera angles that you can play in the game. Among them, you also have a bird’s-eye camera, but the camera that you most enjoy and feel most in the game is the nearest camera angle.Dec. When you play with it, you can literally get into the game. The game’s graphics are extremely clean and more detailed than you’ve ever seen in a tilt game before.Juliette: The colors on the table are also very good. You can feel like you’re really playing pinball.

And if we look at the sounds, we can see that it is very cute and beautiful. The music is also in place and makes it easier for you to get in the mood. Playability is very enjoyable. All you have to do anyway is just press two buttons. Left shift and right shift. We have three rackets in each division. Two of them are standard, standing below. One of them is on the hill where we can hardly see it on the left, but it’s very important to use it. In the game, unlike other tilt games, you play games on the small score screen above. For example, among them, find the tile, take the money, and there is a super lamb that you will remember from worms Dec. In the Super Lamb game, you try not to hit the lamb between the hills, while trying to collect money balloons in the air Dec. Of course, all you have to do is find the maggot and detonate it. Then you get paid high. There’s a lot of fun and exciting games like this and that. As you can see, Addiction Pinball has a slightly different structure than other tilt games. Other than that, all you have to do is run the ball over the rails and things like that. The way you get points is through them. As with all tilt games, the game has no end. What you’re going to do is make as many points as possible and get into the rankings. For some, it may be boring, but tilt lovers know how enjoyable it is to enter the ranking and write a name.

The game something like that. It’s the best tilt game ever. And he doesn’t want such a crazy system. Extremely enjoyable and exciting. If you like tilt, I think you have no alternative but Addiction Pinball. After all, Team 17.


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