Ace Combat Zero: The Balkan War Review

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

In fact, I don’t even know where to begin. Namco, PlayStation and especially the gaming world have a lot of work to do. There’s a Tekken that breathes a whole new life into fighting games. Especially in the years when arcade arcade halls were growing, I didn’t kill a little time at the beginning of the machine. In the same way, it was a game that mentioned its name for a long time in Soul Calibur and played like crazy. Looking back at Namco’s early years, we see that it was already a successful team. His unusual ideas, especially in the arcade game world such as Pac-Man, are admirable.

Ace Combat Zero: Balkan War is not exactly an arcade game. A mixture of simulation and arcade would be more accurate. As we all know, the AC series is one of the leading games in the PlayStation world. When we look at the history of the production, we see that it surpasses itself in each series. It had realism and graphics that surpassed the console even on the PlayStation 1. Namco really knows this console well. Pushing the limits of the console and stable graphics at 60 FPS, optimization has hit the bottom. After I put the DVD on the console, the deer that passed between me and my friend was like this:

Ark: E, start it!
Ben: Okay, brother, it opens.
Ark: get over that video!
Me: Okay, bea…
Ark: Hey, video again?
and the two of us at the same time
About the stuff!!!

In the video before the game began, the ground seemed so realistic that we thought the graphics were not in-game until low-resolution planes appeared on the screen. After that, we were dumb, and we immediately started the game with the familiar pace of Ace Combat. The view was really beautiful. Snow-covered mountains certainly don’t look artificial. Almost photo-quality realism was captured on the floor. But we understand the real graphical perfection when we watch replays at the end of the episode. The planes are modeled down to the smallest detail. The quality in the coatings is eye-caressing. The weather, the effect when we cross the wall of sound, the wind, the clouds, the feeling of speed, the design of aircraft… In short, everything in the new production is as realistic as it should be. As I said, Namco is well aware of the potential of the PlayStation 2…

More innovation…

Ace Combat Zero: Balkan War is the sixth and best game in the series. In this latest production, a few features from old Aces have been added that we do not want to see in Ace Combat 5. Anyone knows, we could add special weapons to our aircraft in Ace Combat 4. Now that option is back. The imposing planes you’ll remember in previous games are now back in the hangars. Also, the fact that planes are trying to get behind one another, that is, the dogfight is now very much at the forefront.

Now the new game has a whole new ranking system. At the end of each episode, depending on our fighting style, we are given titles such as mercenaries, sergeants or Knights. Mercenaries fearlessly enter among enemies to complete assigned tasks. Sergeants set various traps, performing all sorts of tricks on enemies. The Knights, on the other hand, organize along with their teammates throughout the mission. An important point is that your rank system and battle style can affect the flow of the game and the path you follow.

Quality flows all over

Another innovation of construction is the competition system. Now all the pilots in the team are competing with one another. Just like John Forbes Nash’s game theory. Every pilot strives to be the best on the team.That always makes you ambitious. For example, if you are the one who killed the boss at the end of the episode, you will have more special weapons and, of course, more popularity within the team.

Sounds are familiar Ace Combat quality again. You should especially listen to the deer made from the radio. I really wonder if in real life pilots can make jokes when they experience such high adrenaline. No matter what, all this is enough to get you in the mood. You actually feel like you’re in a dogfight inside an F-16. The music, on the other hand, keeps up with this intense tempo and manages to get you in the mood.

The controls are very fluid. It’s neither as difficult as a Flight Simulator, nor as easy as a River Raid. 🙂 In short , Ace Combat as usual with smooth graphics that would not be expected from such a production. And the vibrations are very well tuned. Vibrations, especially in sudden maneuvers, have added realism to the atmosphere.

I don’t like the cockpit camera, to be honest. I didn’t like it on AC 5 either. It looks so artificial. Although I say that such flaws will happen to the kadi girl, and I pass.

Definitely the best game of the series

Don’t love planes, height phobia or not, but this game is definitely in your archive. It’s really nice to see games like this in the last days of PlayStation 2’s golden age. We hope the series continues on PlayStation 3.


Excellent graphics reflecting the potential of PS 2, music and sound effects that keep up the pace, a new competition system, a new ranking system, innovations from older games in the series, realistic combat and a sense of speed

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