A video was shared introducing characters and zombies from the Left 4 Dead-like game Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood

A new video from Back 4 Blood, announced at the Game Awards event last year, has been shared. This video introduces characters and zombies in the game.

Publishing Warner Bros. A new video from back 4 Blood, made by Interactive Entertainment and developed by Turtle Rock Studios, was shared.

This new video, released for Back 4 Blood, introduces each of the eight playable cleaners (Holly, Walker, Doc, Karlee, Jim, Hoffman, Evangelo and Mom). We can also watch their backgrounds, features and in-Game capabilities on video. The trailer also provides a glimpse into the range of Ridden variants players will undertake, including Monster Breakers, grotesque Ogres, screaming Snitchers, predatory Hags and more.

You can find the video below.

Back 4 Blood is currently available for pre-order via Epic Games and Steam.Back 4 Blood will be released on October 12 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Epic Games Store with an option of Turkish subtitles.

Back 4 Blood Cleaners Team

Holly-after losing her family to Devil Worm, Holly Forrester has learned to channel all her energy into being a Cleaner and is known as the one who holds the team together. Armed with a spiked baseball bat and affectionately calling him “Dottie,” Holly’s stamina and stubborn demeanor help lift the team’s morale, and she is often seen as a light in the darkness of the apocalypse.
Walker-the eldest of five siblings, Elijah Walker was born in Evansburgh to a hard-working, blue-collar family. The former Army Ranger and combat veteran is highly skilled with a wealth of frontline combat experience. Walker is a man of few words, but when he speaks, he attracts the attention of his friends, who respect his commitment to the fight.
Doc-was instrumental in Fort Hope’s survival, but this was far from the life Doc had expected when he first arrived in America. Highly independent, Doc sacrificed social life for a career. Years later, he had finally found a spirit of friendship in Mom. After the collapse, Doc’s unreasonable attitude and pragmatic outlook served him well. Although it also takes him a while to get used to his doctor attitude, no one denies that he is a very good doctor and a ruthless shooter.
Karlee-surviving on the outskirts of Fort Hope since collapse, Karlee was only self-reliant. No one knows much about him, and that’s fine. Although initially seen as a troublemaker at best and a Marauder at worst, his actions repeatedly proved which side he was on. Now that Ridden was on the rise, he chose to fight alongside the survivors. He may not be a Cleaner by name, but he does more than make up for it with his attitude.
Jim-nobody knows Finleyville and the surrounding county like Jim. From an early age, he went to the countryside with his father, hunting and setting traps with the best of them. After a stint in the army, he returned home only to find himself devastated by the Collapse. Now he has found his place among the most reliable cleaners. When not fighting back-to-back with his team, Ridden travels through rural Pennsylvania, which he loves, to pave the way for an invasion.
Hoffman-a meticulous individual, an avid preparer and conspiracy theorist. When the infection broke out, she and her mother walked away from the storm as the rest of the world descended into chaos. After her mother died in her sleep and ran out of supplies, she left her boarding house to face the world of Devil Worm. Howard Robert Hoffman is truly talented and kind-hearted, with a serious desire to be a useful part of the team. As part of the cleaners, she finally came across the family she had always wanted – only to have to go through the zombie apocalypse to find her.
Evangelo-he may be the youngest and least experienced player on the team, but he has proven to be a fast learner. In addition to being good at a fight, Evangelo has proven himself to be a loyal and reliable member of the team. He tends to talk a lot, especially when he is nervous, but is keen to show that he has what it takes to be a player.
He was the only one who was surprised that Mom –Mom Was The Voice of the survivors in Finleyville. He never avoids a challenge and always puts the needs of others in his place. Yet for someone accustomed to corrupting authority, his newfound responsibility sometimes makes him uneasy. Although he relied on Mom cleaners, he has questioned the strategies of other leaders more than once, especially since his son’s death. Mom’s goal is simple, revenge on ridden.

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