9mm (IOS review )


The virtual joystick at the bottom left, the camera with the right hand, the shoot button at the bottom right. I’ve never gotten used to this control scheme on mobile platforms for years, staying as far away as possible. This was not because the screens of smartphones were small, but because they were not very efficient on tablets. That’s the problem with action games on the mobile platform in general, making games with a control scheme that doesn’t work that much. Recently, game makers have slowly begun to see that this control scheme model, that is, the classic joystick simulation, does not work, and have begun to implement newer control scheme ideas. We will reap the fruits of this in the coming months.

But that does not mean that there are no beautiful games that implement this problematic control scheme design. the cramp that got into my fingers when I was using the iPhone 4, after switching to the iPhone 5, got a little bit of relief, obviously. So I can play games that have this control scheme a little more comfortably. I’m sure a lot of players who have moved from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 have also experienced this relief.


In fact, Gameloft’s 9MM game is not based on the screen ratio of the iPhone 5 and does not take the comfort of its gameplay from a large screen. When you open the game, you continue to play at a ratio of 16:10 instead of 16:9. What makes the 9mm comfortable to play is that the developer team has put a lot of effort into making this control scheme fluid, and therefore your fingers don’t get into each other when playing. I think even this is an issue that can be enough alone when scoring a mobile game. The game that solves this control scheme problem will be the one that can redraw the history of mobile games. The Drowning gives hope, but it’s possible that hers is too experimental.

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Putting aside the problems of mobile games and turning to 9mm, even someone who has refused to play TPS or FPS on his phone for years managed to keep me at his head for hours. A proper story, graphics that make you say “Oh, what a beautiful graphics” when you look at the screen, refined controls, theme-appropriate and non-challenging music and an exquisite beat feeling. In this way, we can summarize 9mm in one sentence.


Let’s start with its story, because after the iPhone adaptation of GTA Vice City, we didn’t have the honor of seeing a mobile game that could properly implement what I counted above. The story of the 9mm has some clichéd elements. A DEA cop makes a major raid and kills the drug lord’s brother. At the end of the raid, he also gets a large amount of money and decides to use it against the organization. As a matter of fact, the game immediately starts with a plot-twist and goes with a twist on a twist. Our character” Loose ” Kannon is separated from his wife, and his daughter is paramount. So he’s someone who would do anything to protect them. For this reason, he fights the entire drug cartel to protect the children and vows to kill El Diablo.

Obviously, although the game’s story is successful compared to a mobile game, it has quite a lack of storytelling. The story is outlined too much, and we often lose sight of our character’s motivations. In addition, although the cinematography created with the in-game engine is the parts of the game that advance the story, we can find small gaps in the fiction of some.


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