9 Free Gaming Tips You Must Experience On PlayStation

free gaming on playstation

If you don’t know about PlayStation’s fun games that can be played for free, it’s quite likely that you could fall into a dark and deep pit after stepping into PlayStation. You need to set aside an average of$ 40 a game each month, or you need to chase a crazy discount.

Choosing games for PlayStation free is actually quite easy. You can also find many of your favorite online games for free directly on the PlayStation Store, but if you’ve never tried these online games before, you can also listen to them from someone who has tried them. By the way, as a PlayStation owner, I must point out that many of the games below are both easier and more fun to play in the PlayStation environment.

On PlayStation, there are usually trials or first episodes of many games available for free, which is quite sad. Imagine that you will play “Life is Strange, ” Gossip Girl of the gaming world, is it worth paying that much for a game? A person can’t help asking himself. In this case, of course, it doesn’t hurt to look at the games that are free of charge with the tip of the eye.

9 Free Games You Must Experience On PlayStation

  1. Brawlhalla
  2. Rocket League
  3. Apex Legends
  4. Warframe
  5. Fortnite
  6. Trove
  7. Path of Exile
  8. Smite Online
  9. Neverwinter Online


free gaming on playstation

Brawlhalla is one of the rare competitive and fun fighting games available on PlayStation free of charge. As you can enter online matches, there are many fun characters in the game where you can fight against bots. It’s a little harder to play this game in a PC environment, but you can definitely have a lot of fun playing with the gamepad.

Rocket League

free gaming on playstation

If you have not played Rocket League until now, which is paid for a period but is currently free, we recommend that you play. Rocket League is really one of the most fun games to play with the gamepad. If you’re used to playing on a PC, you’ll also enjoy it on PlayStation. By the way, it is easier to control the tools and experience the pleasure of goals than the PC environment.


Apex Legends

free gaming on playstation

Apex Legends, one of the most popular Battle Royale games of the last period, is also free on PlayStation. Many games are free on other platforms, while they are usually paid on PS, which makes you really nervous. It’s really nice to play Apex Legends, set in the Titanfall universe, on PlayStation. You can get beat up and suffer a little until you get used to the controls, and then it’s fun.


free gaming on playstation

I wanted to believe a hundred percent that I wasn’t going to pay for armor in this game, but I couldn’t… if you have 4 friends who can share the PlayStation ecosystem, you can fly from playing Warframe. The only problem with this game on PlayStation is getting used to the controls. The game is really sweet, so it’s not so sweet. By the way, problems connecting to the game that you shoot on the PC do not occur on the PlayStation.


free gaming on playstation

Either I’m very incompetent, or this game is quite complicated. But you can also play Fortnite on PlayStation. In the meantime, you can also have costumes exclusive to PlayStation players. It’s pretty hard to build at Fortnite, by the way. If you’re a really talented player, it won’t affect you.


free gaming on playstation

Alternative Minecraft is a fun game that you can evaluate Online. I had a pretty serious “shift” on Steam in this game. Although I’ve played a lot in a pleasant PlayStation environment. Trove is really a pretty enjoyable creation for those looking for a Minecraft alternative. It takes a little getting used to the controls, but then you enjoy it. The fact that it is Online is also in the elements that make the game enjoyable. You can join battles with your friends and design huge houses or even be neighbors.

Path of Exile

free gaming on playstation

Is there another game that comes out on the market as an alternative to Diablo and is played so much? Path of Exile hack and slash in many ways will meet your game needs. It’s quite enjoyable to play Path of Exile again on PlayStation. Even the fact that the game is on PlayStation Store is a very different dimension. This initiative of the company is really appreciated, but if you have friends who have a PlayStation, cleaning the dungeon together becomes quite fun.

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Smite Online

free gaming on playstation

TPS MOBA enjoyment on PlayStation is very interesting. It is again enjoyable to play Smite online on PlayStation, a game that surprised the world at the time it came out, but was not very valuable in our country. In fact, if they had produced this game for the console in the first place, it probably would have been more popular today. If you want to enjoy MOBA with mythological gods, you should definitely try Smite online.

Neverwinter Online

free gaming on playstation

Experience MMORPG on console? Neverwinter also had a very different gameplay mechanics in the era when it came to PC. The game has really found itself in the PlayStation environment. Playing Neverwinter with the help of the Gamepad is really fun. If you also like the story of Forgotten Realms a little, you can enjoy it very much on Neverwinter. You can even get FRP enjoyment from the game according to your friends you play.

By the way, if you want to suggest other “free” games, you can share them with us in the comments.




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