8 Tactics to Keep You İnvincible When Playing Anno 1800

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One of the most notable games in the Anno series, Anno 1800 is a strategy game that stands out because it allows you to draw different paths thanks to the mechanics it has outside of battle. For this reason, it can be difficult to get used to at first. We have also prepared a guide to Anno 1800 tactics to help you.

It has a rich catalog of strategy games that allow clocks to flow like water at the computer. Civilization, AoE, Tropico and more are available in the nice Legend Series. One of these series is the Anno series. One of the most acclaimed games in the series is Anno 1800. Like all other games in the series, there are some tactics that you must apply to succeed in Anno 1800, where every decision must be taken carefully.

If you are thinking of just starting the game, let’s note that you have a long adventure ahead of you. The tactics we will give here will also speed up the process of getting used to the game and help you become a successful leader. So how to play Anno 1800? Let’s tell you how you can plot your way to success in Anno 1800 with the tricks.

Anno 1800 Tactics

  • Play at least one game without enemies,
  • Keep an eye on the happiness of your people,
  • Use “Blueprint” mode,
  • Set up emergency services as soon as possible,
  • Don’t neglect to build houses,
  • Keep your island defenses strong,
  • Attract tourists to your island,
  • Settle on a second island before it’s too late.
  • Play at least one game without enemies:

Anno 1800 is a game in which beginners must go through a long practice process. In such strategy games, having to deal with enemies before you fully explore the game can ruin the entire experience. So if you don’t have an Anno experience before, at least consider not adding artificial intelligence when starting your first game. Learn the basics of keeping your own community afloat before overthrowing others.

Let’s also remind you that once you get information such as the basics of the game and how you should behave in the later stages, it will probably become a boring game without artificial intelligence. As soon as you figure out how to play the game, you need to add other characters to the game to see the benefits of mechanics such as diplomacy and war.

Keep an eye on the happiness of your people

When playing Anno 1800, it is necessary to keep the happiness of citizens above everything else. Otherwise, at some point you can be helpless in the face of unrest that does not stop. And to keep your people happy, you have to meet the needs of every type of citizen. Citizens are divided into ranks within themselves.

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The needs of farmers in the first level are simple. These people want basic things like fish, clothes and a nearby Sunday Place. When basic needs are met, you can raise farmers to a higher level. As we continue in this way, there are needs that are not as easy to meet as before. That’s where the test of whether you’re a good leader begins.

anna 1800

Use “Blueprint” mode:

Although not a Cities: Skylines, Anno 1800 is also a game in which urban planning is quite detailed. City planning will sit with the information you get as you play the game. Questions such as where the island needs to be built, whether you can fit all the structures called “amenity” that give good bonuses if they are built on the island are very critical.

“Blueprint” mode is also activated here, giving the player a chance to preview the building before building it. In this way, you get the answer to how effective your planning will be in the long term before you permanently place the structures. Although you can move structures at no cost at easy levels, as the difficulty increases, you need to spend a lot of valuable resources to do the same.

Set up emergency services as soon as possible:

Anno 1800 has huge disasters in its peaceful world, which it offers players with wonderful island views. If you haven’t taken precautions, you’re watching everything you do helplessly at the monitor gradually disappear when a fire breaks out or a riot breaks out. In order not to stay in such a situation, you need to build structures such as fire stations, police stations and hospitals.

As it takes a little time to train emergency personnel, focus on this side as soon as you can. At the same time, consider the areas they affect when placing these buildings. A single firehouse or police station may not be enough for an island. Safety is a factor that greatly affects the happiness of your people, which we have just mentioned.

Don’t neglect to build enough houses:

The game does not prefer to explain this side. So it’s a subject that can be easily overlooked. Your people pay taxes. The money you need for your transactions is also generated by these taxes. The happier your people are, the more tax revenue you get. A sufficient amount of homes also increases the number of people residing on your island and the happiness that you provide shelter to your people, so that your tax income increases.

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Keep your island defenses strong:

It’s unclear when Anno 1800’s AI will do it. A character you just traded peacefully with can open a war and blow your mind. To be prepared for such a situation, you must at least maintain your island defense adequately. A few ships guarding your ports and a few weapons you will place will manage to fend off many potential attacks.

If you choose to be the attacking side in the future, first make sure that your defense is strong enough. Losing an island that you already have in the battle that you start to conquer a new island can cause all your plans to be turned upside down. So never forget the defense rule before the attack.

Attract tourists to your island:

Another type of income that you will see as much benefit as tax revenue in the game is tourism. So let it be in the corner of your mind to protect the beauty of your island in the steps you take when settling on your island. Parks and yesilas attract large amounts of tourists if managed correctly. In addition to natural beauty, you can strengthen tourism with structures such as museums and zoos.

You can see how much interest your island is attracted by tourists with the value called “Attractiveness”. As Attractiveness increases, the number of tourists visiting your island also increases. By making the right investments, you can earn more money thanks to the tourists you attract to your island.

Anno 1800 is very important to spread to new islands in:

No island in the game contains enough diverse resources to last you through the game. The basic resources of the game are available on almost every island, but there are some resources that you have to have to jump a certain threshold. So quickly find a second island that contains resources that are not included on your first island. Don’t let artificial intelligence own that island before you do.

If you have resources that meet your needs, your obligation to trade with other islands disappears. As we just said, since artificial intelligence is not obvious, you should look for ways not to need other artificial intelligence in any way. In this way, you are placed in an advantageous position for the future of other islands with a trade offer.

Here we come to the end of our article, where we give tactics that will help at every stage for the Anno 1800. If you want to give fixed tactics with your experience in the game, you can share it in the comments section.



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