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7554 game, 1946 -1954 between the events in Vietnam, the subject of the anti-French war, the name of 07.05.1954 is an FPS game. The plot of the game roughly begins with the French army’s siege of Dien Bien Phu on 07.05.1954 and the resistance of Vietnamese soldiers. Its producer is Emobi Games, a Vietnamese company.

First, who is Emobi Games, I want to briefly talk about him. When we go to Emobi Games ‘ site and investigate his work, we see that they have done little work and work before. In addition, when we go into the “About Us” section of the site and look at it, we see that they say that they are a very young and new organization. We wish them success in their next game and move on to our review to look at their new eyeballs.

As I mentioned in the introduction, the story starts at 7.5.54 and we go through a certain line with the incoming missions. Although tasks are usually simple to do, performing the task can become a torment when you don’t understand exactly what the task is about to say. For example, in one episode, there is a mission to destroy or destroy the bunker with a Molotov. It’s a long time before you figure out how to do this task. You also have a certain amount of time to perform this task, and if you do not complete the task during this time, the game starts again from the nearest record. After a while, this situation begins to become boring, as the same event is repeated without stopping. Speaking of recording, the game does not have a manual recording system. Records are made at certain points, and when you fail the mission or are killed, you continue from the last point of registration.

In the production, apart from the scenario mode, the “Survival” mode also attracts attention. In this part, as is usually the case, you do certain and limited tasks in certain areas and try to survive. There are also zombie challenges that we are familiar with from Call of Duty games. In the first two missions on the mission list, we try to get around us and kill zombies that come at us in waves, and survive and buy new gear and kill more zombies. In the other two episodes, we try to kill soldiers who come around us in waves in the same way, and earn money and buy new weapons with these coins.

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Gameplay Highlights

Although it generally has a playable scenario mode and side modes that support scenario mode, the problems are not overlooked. It would not be right to be too burdened because it is a new company yet, but I think it would be appropriate to say its problems. I don’t usually get stuck in the graphics, as long as I get a good game. Although the gameplay in the 7554 game is quite beautiful, the combat environment is not fully reflected in the game, and events occur quite slowly. There were some action scenes that wanted to be caught. These action scenes are like breaking down the doors we know from CoD games and killing your enemies in slow motion. But I can’t say he was very successful. When you aim and shoot an enemy soldier, the enemy shoots you, causing you to shoot in the wrong places.

It’s a good feature, but it’s annoying that the same situation doesn’t happen when you shoot an enemy soldier. Even if you shoot an enemy soldier, your enemy stands where he is like a tank and continues to shoot straight at you. Let me point out right here, although I personally play in normal settings, I was very annoyed that the enemies fired too accurate shots to let me out from behind the trench.

If they aim so well, you can think of artificial intelligence as good, but let me explain right away without bothering. Artificial intelligence can make huge mistakes. For example, I didn’t see an enemy soldier in a room I entered, and I was trying to change my weapon. At this time, the enemy soldier was shooting at me nonstop. But he could hardly match it, and when I looked up, I saw the enemy soldier and killed him. I don’t understand how soldiers who can make such accurate shots from afar miss at close range. Artificial intelligence is not only about enemies, but also about our own soldiers. Our friendly soldiers participate as actively as possible in conflicts and can kill quite well. I don’t know if the Aiming Systems are as sharp as the enemies, but if you want the environment to be cleaned up without a fight, you can go into a trench on the edge and expect your friendly soldiers to clean up your enemies, which won’t take long for the environment to be cleaned up by your friendly soldiers. As long as you stand where you are, your fellow soldiers are not advancing, they are waiting for you to move forward.

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Technical Details

The animations in the game are generally good, but sometimes you can also encounter absurd situations. For example, when an enemy soldier shakes his head here and there to get rid of bullets. As for environmental physics, there are many large and small items around, but they only serve the purpose of images, even if you drop a bomb, nothing happens. And the animation of the death of our enemies is designed in accordance with realism. In short, to mention the graphics, we encounter visuals that are generally non-detailed and have nothing to do with the current line.

And the sounds, I’d say, are the most mediocre part. You don’t notice it at all, especially in Scenario Mode. If it wasn’t for the articles announcing the completion of the mission, you wouldn’t even know what was going on. The stories told in-game and on the loading screens are not in a way that can be understood without subtitles. In Scenario Mode, friendly Soldiers Speak, Of course, but because they speak a language we are not familiar with, it makes us feel like there is a lack in the game. I don’t know if the lack of English dubbing was due to impossibility. As for the gunshots and explosions, it’s fine, as long as it doesn’t compare to today’s games. In the game, sometimes it is not known whether it is bugdan or in terms of sound variety, when you shoot, the sound of the gun can sound more different. In general, it can be said that the sounds reflect the combat environment.

7554 is not available on Steam and similar digital sales platforms, and I don’t know if it will get it in the future. But if you want to have it, you can go to Emobi Games ‘ site, follow the necessary instructions from the Community section and send the$ 12.50 fee to the producers via PayPal. Then you can download the game’s files from the download links provided on the site and start playing your game with the License Key sent to you by the producers.


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