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7 Sins

7 Sins – Before we begin, let’s define what a Game 7 Sins is. A Singles mood prevails in general, and the charts are very reminiscent of it. At the time, before Sims 2 came out, singles were called three-dimensional Sims; 7 Sins is quite similar to singles in appearance. But it only looks like it, because you don’t make your character Pee and eat. In the game, you control a faceless or obnoxious person who lives in Apple city. Apple City is quite a luxury residential center; even more than a residential center, it is a very spacious nightlife center with casinos, restaurants and entertainment venues. We first meet the character in our control when he’s in his own house with a lady. The first part of the game is tutorial, and you don’t have a chance to skip here. During this episode, which is quite short, you learn how to communicate with the people you will meet with this lady, and then you start working in a boutique. Here you make enough money, take chicks out to dinner and play games in casinos; that’s all!

You have to take your steps, be careful who you talk to. Because you work in a boutique and make money selling various items to customers, you have to be polite to them. When you go to customers or anyone, the relationship building methods that you can choose first appear on the screen along the bottom line of the screen. With the right click of the mouse, you can navigate between up to four preference options that appear on the screen, and with the left click, you can select the option that you came to. The icons on the side of the options tell you what kind of relationship it is. An icon next to it depicting the devil’s forked spear causes you to Sin; an angel motif with a bright circle on its head also wipes out your existing sins. And when you go to someone, you can either pull yourself into a department and try to sell that product to the other person; or you can make an immoral offer and harass them by hand, sin. You’d better not get into a slap-on-the-neck “back” spanking before you get to a certain level with the person you’re facing. Or you can even get fired from your job, let alone get a slap in the face with the opposite reaction you will get.

The reaction we get from the other people also affects our mood very much. There are three different bars at the top left of the screen, and these can be interpreted as sex need, stress, and nerve-wracking, respectively. These three values can increase and decrease when other people realize what we do when we talk to those around us and with the behavior we do. Now that the response we get to anything we say while we talk affects us, for example, if we get a response that can fry our faces, the sex bar, if we get a reverse response, the level of the nerve bar starts to increase. Let’s say any of them are full and have no chance of increasing. At this point, we can no longer control our hero, and whichever bar caused us to get out of control, our man leaves the environment with a reaction. When he’s angry, he beats up someone, when he needs sex, he goes and harasses someone, and when he succumbs to his stress, he takes his head between his arms and walks away. From now on, you can take him wherever he wants.

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7 Sins

There are a lot of people around you, and you can make friends with them in various ways. First, I have to point out that every different person has their own character. Each person you talk to has individual tastes, and in addition, you are also likely to get the opposite answer if you say a word to them. As a result, your relationship can be damaged, and you may have to do every action you take again to build a good friendship with that person, which can be quite boring. You approach the person you want to talk to and sit somewhere, or you chat on your feet. Along the bottom line of the screen, you can switch between the two lines that are located at the bottom with the right click of the mouse. In one of these lines, you choose your options to speak decidedly, and in the other, you choose the occasional star option or exit to improve your relationship. As I just said, the types of conversations that people like are different from each other; you determine which ones they like by trial and error at the beginning of the game. In an option with a pink face next to it, you say beautiful words, and almost everyone likes it. According to the people you talk to, there are also changes in options; you can contact them with signs such as notebooks, bags.

Once you develop your relationships in this way, the starry words are also active. Thanks to these, you can praise the other person and make great strides in winning his heart. Especially after the third level, the sex indicator, pictured as an inverted heart motif, begins to take a lot of place among them, and by working on them, it is immoral, rude and (aa AAAA!!!) you can do dirty things. Again, in these ways, you can sell various things to your customers at the boutique and pocket their money. To do this, you have to offer something to the lady in front of you in the department and make them accept the lines that appear at the bottom of the screen with the money expression on the side. Also, since the name of the game is already a sin, you have the opportunity to do all the bad things you can think of. Theft, peeping, peeing, theft are routine. Of course, in this way, at the end of every sin you make, 7 sin signs on the top left of the screen begin to fill; after they are filled, you can no longer sin. You must do a reward to empty them. For example, you can be useful to people by organizing the departments in the boutique or waiting in front of the curtain to prevent the ladies who change in the cabin from being uncomfortable. You get angry when you do a reward alone, and frankly, it seems a little strange to me.

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You can play small games to reduce the increased need for sex, stress and nervous values. To reduce your need for sex, you can easily peel and onion the ladies with your eyes. For example, you can ask a saleswoman to buy a high shoe and voyeurize a chick who is already wearing a miniskirt, so that your need for sex decreases (let my mother not read this article; How do I write the article of such a game). To reduce your stress, you can chat with your boss, and to reduce your anger, you can distribute items in the departments. 7 Sins

7 Sins – A little like that, a little like that…

But that’s all the game is about. What you can do is very limited, and it’s all boring, superficial. You can sleep with a chick you met three minutes ago after three minutes, there is no depth, and you perform all relationships in the same way. After a while, you also memorize the reactions that people can give, and the game starts to get overly easy. And in the end, you don’t play. Although Mini-games are also far from creative and very easy to attract people at first, they become annoying after a while. There is nothing new you can encounter during the game. It’s just remarkable that different people have different reactions and different moods, and I have to hand it to you, that’s one of the best aspects of the game. It’s nice that they’re aware of what’s going on around here, especially what you’re doing; when you mess around or pee in a pot, they can come and attack you, saying, “you’re rude, you’re immoral.” Its graphics are about singles, and it seems good because it’s a little more cartoon-like than that. And the shameful things that may arise are not clear to everyone.; even if you do the most extreme thing, people have underwear on them.

If different types of people involved in the game could be combined with a “a little bit” difficult game structure, at least it could be a game with a high playability again 7 Sins; but in this form, it can only be two or a maximum of three nights(!) pleasure for Man(?!$ & % ). It’s up to you to try; I’d say don’t expect too much.


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