7.62 High Calibre Review

7.62 High Calibre

7.62 High Calibre – A Russian businessman engaged in illegal affairs suddenly disappears. Because he is an important person, he is thought to have been kidnapped by dark forces and taken into action. As a result of conducted research, it is clear that this person was not actually kidnapped, but transferred to a different country. During this time, the details of his work are also revealed, and special forces are mobilized to capture him.

A special team, an ordinary mission

7.62 high Calibre is a turn-based strategy game developed by Aperion. Our goal in the production is to find this businessman. For this reason, in every region where we are involved in the operation, we must talk to various people, ask them questions, eliminate those who need to be killed, and prevent them from leaking information to the outside. The game offers us a special team of 8 people that we can control. There are aspects in which each is better or worse than the other. Of course, we can’t control them all. You choose a character that you decide will suit you, and you step into missions by distributing a limited number of development points to your developable qualities, such as strength, health, marksmanship. As episodes go on, you can further develop the characteristics of your character. In addition, there are more than a hundred weapons available for our use and modified.

7.62 High Calibre

We can bring the point of view of the production to FPS mode by pressing E, and so on. When the direction keys don’t work, we also need to use mouse functions when we want to turn right or left. In this mode, it’s more convenient to aim. For example, when you aim with a Sniper, a small target window appears in the upper-right corner of the screen. So you can move comfortably. But the image of the weapons on the screen is really funny. There’s a gun, but no hand holding it. It’s really surprising that such a simple detail is not focused on. The maps on which we are located are not very detailed. We can’t go outside the specific boundaries. It lacks signs of life, and it’s as if all the characters are waiting for you to talk to them or kill them. The 7.62 high Calibre also lags in terms of artificial intelligence.

7.62 High Calibre – Source of flying weapons

Graphically, you don’t expect much from the production. Because environmental designs, sense of emptiness, character designs and more are behind today’s technology. Especially when you try to watch the escape of a character you are targeting to kill as a close-up, you are personally faced with a bad picture. A number of graphical errors have also been the salt of the pepper. The concept of time is also included in the production. We can also see the effects of this as an acre of day and night. The game’s story does not depend on a single outcome, and differs according to the player’s choices. So it is desirable to ensure replay playability, but even finishing the game can be annoying. 7.62 High Calibre, which does not include multiplayer options other than a single-player scenario, was not a production that should not necessarily be played.


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