4×4 Hummer Review

4x4 Hummer

4×4 Hummer – Off-Road racing has always been the product of excitement and the struggle against challenging castles of nature. Drivers have to prevail over competitors on the one hand and keep up with rough terrain conditions on the other. We can experience such struggles, which we usually witness from television, sometimes in person with prepared video games. Prepared by Avalon style, the production invites you to go Off-Road around the world.

As we step into the game’s menu, we first meet two options; Simulation and Arcade. As the titles suggest, if we choose Arcade, we have easier turns, faster gameplay, in short, a racing experience that is as far away from realism as possible. When we click on the simulation, the realistic gameplay style is adopted. At least that’s the goal of the title, but that’s not the type of product offered in the game.

In the 4×4 Hummer, which we will start by selecting the tournament option, we take part in many different race tracks with countries such as America, Iceland and Egypt. There are 15 licensed vehicles available for our use. These are all vehicles licensed from General Motors. When I started my first race, I had a little surprise. The physics of driving cars are really bad. Leave the bumpy areas, even when you’re on a straight road, your car is hurtling as if a ball bounces, making it difficult to control. You get the feeling that you’re driving a bicycle, not an all-terrain vehicle weighing tons. It has such a mild effect. If you want to be involved in the game from the internal driving Camera, you often see the sky instead of the road. So it’s hard to tell if you’re driving or flying. In addition, when you are thrown down the smallest ramp, your car is severely damaged and you cannot continue on the road. Don’t get me wrong, although visually the damage appears to be broken windows, your car does not work.

4x4 Hummer

4×4 Hummer  – I’ve come a far way

After completing a race, we naturally switch to a new stage, but our car must be intact. If he has a little damage and your car is available, you can go to new races in this state. But according to your damage level, your car has a loss of power. If the damage you’re getting is too much, you can’t participate in New races. First, you must take your car to the garage and have it repaired. After completing this process for a certain fee, we can return to the race. Again, when we are in the garage, we can buy new vehicles or new parts, we can put what we have for sale.

The graphics of the production, which uses a new version of the Chrome Engine that we saw earlier in the Call of Juarez game, are not good. It’s hard to even pretend it’s the same engine. Environmental designs, vehicle designs and especially the appearance of toys in vehicles are very noticeable. Water visuals fail at the same level. And it’s not nice that distant objects change shape noticeably as they move along the map.

Off-Road or mountain biking… except for single-person racing, the 4×4 Hummer does not contain multiplayer, a game that fails due to many errors, large and small.


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