4X4 Evolution 2 review

4X4 Evolution 2

It was the appeal of the engine sound that urged you to fight nature by ignoring all kinds of obstacles with powerful engines of four-wheel drive vehicles without listening to the Mountain Ridge, perhaps the reason I didn’t get this game. I mean, I don’t remember ever forcing the engine of a four-wheeler in the foothills. Maybe the pretty clean graphics I saw on the back of the cd box. For whatever reason, I took the game. I don’t remember being in such an exciting wait when I was installing a game on my machine for a long time. With the presence of music that leaves a kekremsi taste behind, I trusted my machine too much in the section about graphics settings when the installation was completed and the game started, and opened all the details and resolution to the end. Then, when I started the game, when I saw that fluency was provided by single-screen images that came out every five seconds, I pulled out a deep “* * * * * * *” and thoroughly lowered the graphics settings, and then I started the game again.

First, since I did not play the first game of 4×4 EVO 2, I will consider and examine the game in a zero way through the eyes of the first user. I’d like to say that the presence of different options provides a nice variety when starting the game, but you don’t have many options. The “career” and “quick race” options available in the game will take up a large portion of the time you will already spend. In the Quick race option, you can freely select every car that is open by almost every company on its name and participate in the races on the track we want. In Career Mode, you can take the best car you can get for a little money and participate in some races and tournaments, whether you buy parts for your existing car and improve both internal and external features, if you want, you can buy a new car and expand your garage if you can afford it. The beauty of it is that the number of vehicles is quite large. You can buy dozens of different models from 9 licensed companies, such as Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, Infiniti, Jeep, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, develop and participate in races. Last time I left, I had a car from almost every firm in my garage. Frankly, it’s an undeniable fact that it’s really nice to go out for test drives with each vehicle and relax a little on the mountain ridge. This diversity in the game is unfortunately not reflected in the racing modes. Of course, classic racing modes are available, as every career mode should be. Apart from that, there are some missions that make really good money. For example, there are difficult but not so enjoyable tasks to perform, such as rescuing climbers stranded on top of a mountain, or helping a professor search for dinosaur fossils. In addition, you always run long races on the same tracks, and what I’m lying about is that at the end of the first five hours, you can close this game so that it never opens again.

Let’s get down to the technical details. The beauty of the graphics is that it automatically selects the part of the game that should be given the highest score. Vehicle and environment modeling, Graphic Coatings are really very high quality. But to see the latest limit of these charts, you need an overly powerful system. Let me give you this example. Amd Athlon 650 mhz, 128 mb of ram and Ge-force 2 Mx Li on my machine to run the game at 640*480 resolution and medium detail level was my only option to play the game. In other words, those who want to play this game comfortably on their machine must either have spent serious money on their system in the last few months, or the science system killer should stay away from the details. In addition, I played the game at the maximum level of detail and resolution in the GE-force 3 system of a friend who based the processor speed on 1.4 ghz without blinking an eye. When it came to a few vehicles at the same time on the screen, some of the slowdowns in the system did not stand out, but in general the graphics were breathtaking. I mean, I thought I was playing the game on my own machine, but that’s when I knew I was seriously wrong. I can’t help but short-circuit this loyal friend’s machine and walk away from the environment.

The controls only force you in your first few hours of inexperience, and the rest is not so compelling. It’s just that some weirdness breaks out on the rare occasions when you’re at the peak of pleasure in the game. For example, when you go with your car, you can’t go over a garbage can. This is really incredible. I mean, it’s really crazy that these cars, where the engine power goes, can’t pass on a garbage can or a small piece of rock in their own state, and when you’re on the last lap of the race, they waste time and throw it back. But sometimes you can hit the same trash can with your bumper and send it into the sunset where it doesn’t appear on the screen. A series of oddities leads you to ask which construction worker made the physics modeling of this game while mixing mortar, and you don’t get an answer. Using four-wheelers can be quite fun if you can ignore some of the problems I’m talking about.

As for the sounds, you have to admit that a really clean job was done there. Both engine sounds and theme music that constantly repeats itself in the game are located in the ears, and then makes you hate it for constantly repeating itself. But still, given that this game is the kind of game that will be thrown aside to dust off after a short sense of enthusiasm that will not be played so much, yes, the sounds have been the result of clean craftsmanship.

As a final word, 4X4 EVO 2 may even be unbeatable if it was a game that could provide a little more realism on physics modeling. I also think there should have been a little more work done throughout the game. Constantly continuing on an ordinary and boring line, even the richness of vehicles and parts is ignored. In short, obtaining license rights from many good companies is a symbol of the seriousness of this game, but I think the people who developed the game did not have much of this seriousness.


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