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3D Ultra Pinball

Sierra continues to play tilt games. They had previously made a fun tilt game called 3D Ultra Pinball: The Lost Continent. What caught my attention in the tilt games they made is that they are more varied and interesting than other tilt games. 3D Ultra Pinball: The Lost Continent is also just one example. However, I don’t think any tilt game will be better than Addiction Pinball, which is made by Team 17. Don’t let that discourage you from reading the article. 3D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride is the latest of Sierra’s 3D Ultra series of tracks, and apparently, the most successful. Before we start writing, Let’s explain in a few words what tiltin’s goal is and how it is a game. In Tilt games, the main event ends in the ball and two pegs. With the help of these latches, you put the ball in various places on the table and try to get points. So, how far does it go, if you say there’s no end, I say there’s no end. Because tilt games don’t have any endings. All you have to do is take points and print your name on the sign. It may actually seem boring to you at first glance, but when you play the game, you realize that it’s not like that at all. The more you play, the more you get the ambition to score high and the more you get to play. Actually, we used to play Real tilti in arcades. Now, with the spread of computers, we can’t come across tilt machines in arcades. In any case, nothing is the same. Tilt will be the same as before? Of course it won’t. Yeah, I’m getting to the point.

First, let’s note that there are 15 different tables or spaces in the game. I call it a place, because the area you play in doesn’t look like a table at all. Usually, you feel like you’re watching any entertainment venue from above by helicopter. Even at first glance, it’s really hard to understand that the game is a tilt game. So, what are these different places? Let’s give a few examples if you want; Holiday type entertainment centers, Plains, waterfalls, etc. We can duplicate these examples like Dolly. These environments are so colorful and moving that they never lose speed with the excitement of the game. Something’s always buzzing before your eyes. Actually, it can cause a distraction, but that’s the structure of the game. Need to get used to. Now let’s look at the features that distinguish the game from other tilt games. I’ve already mentioned that there are many different tables, this is one. Second, as with other tilt games, you can’t reach all the tilt tables at once. As you win, you move on to the other table. Aside from these differences, the animations used in the game are also quite fun; for example, a train can take your ball away. It is possible to see a lot of fun details like this and this in the game.

If you’re looking for a realistic tilt game, you shouldn’t expect too much from this game. So it’s definitely not like an Addiction Pinball, but it can be called the best of its kind. Yes, we can go ahead. Unlike classic tilt games in the game, you have a lot of latches. You can see a latch hidden all over the screen. Of course, you don’t have to check all this at once. It’s only when the ball comes into that area that you swing your latch. It’s usually on one side of the screen, there’s a separate section, and you can get to those sections by putting the ball in certain places. These sections can also be called bonus sections.

Yeah, let’s evaluate the game from a visual point of view. The engine of the game remained the same and more variety was provided in the animations. The graphic of the ball is also the same as 3D Ultra Pinball: The Lost Continent. I constantly counter the game with The Lost Continent, because as I said, it would be wrong to put it in the same shroud as addiction Pinball. Yes, if we evaluate the graphics without comparison, we can say that it is quite beautiful and enough. It can also work comfortably on low Systems, which is a reason in itself for getting the game by older users.

The sounds also suit the general mood of the game, so it’s quite fun. Besides, I have to say they were used on the spot. The sounds are in place and high quality. In this regard, I’ve met a handful of. Control, for a tilt game, must be the most unnecessary topic to mention. From the keyboard; left and right shifts help move the latches, space key shake the table, enter key throw the ball (usually you use it when the ball is stuck somewhere, emi). From the mouse, the left key moves the left latch, and the right key moves the right latch.

As a result, 3D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride stands out as a game well suited to the 3D Ultra Series. Improved in terms of graphics and sound, but the fun of the game remained in place. A few little details have been added. The game can also be a very master option for low-system users. Finally, if you’re looking for a different and fun tilt game right now, I’d say take it, that’s all.


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