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25 to life

25 To Life-most people know the name GTA Big Little. Stealing cars, stealing, injuring people, etc… he allowed us to do most of this.

After the GTA, there were many more games like mushrooms. Most celebrities had imitated the series or based it on it. Some of them swam in the good, some of them in the bad sea. Now another game like this is coming before us. 25 to Life is a crime-based production. It’s okay to base it, but will he be able to offer it to us?

Hey, man.

Our hero is black and he’s been involved in a lot of things before. Finally, he wants to do another job and find peace with his family. Things don’t go his way, he gets in trouble. He must get out of this mess as soon as possible and keep his family out of trouble. Here’s the cliché of second-rate American adventure movies, shown on TV at noon on weekends.

25 To Life is a game based on GTA (see crimes) and tries to have action in the style of Max Payne. He tried to get something out of both productions, but he still couldn’t do it. At first, our character is bulky, he doesn’t have the ability to jump right and left. A person would want to be more mobile, there are no attractions like jumping to the right in Max Payne or shooting when jumping to the left. Jump two steps away, like a pile you usually do. It’s also strange that our character, who is not good at jumping, bends. The way he walks like pigeons when he bends down is mind-boggling.

The crime takes place in 25 To life, but they are not as enjoyable as in the GTA. You can get into attractions like bank robbing, manslaughter, dodging cops. In fact, in these tasks, in short, you do not have freedom, you are linear. In general, they leave you in the middle of the event, tell you to run away if you eat. FBI, SWAT, police are coming after you. And you find a way to escape, and usually you succeed.

Iron, Lion, Zion

Achieving escape or performing the task is easy thanks to artificial intelligence. You’re dealing with an artificial intelligence that doesn’t exist. In general, they have a habit of running and shooting at you, or changing clips in the middle of a shootout without hiding anywhere. ’ I hunted The Partridge on a flat plain, I tied his wing to his wing ‘ folk song can be said for these enemies. For example, the cops supposedly surrounded me, and I killed all but one of them. I immediately went around the back of the car in front of the guy and went over to his side. And he was still looking at where I first appeared, and as soon as I fired, he didn’t look at me. He came to his senses in the second inning, but it was one to go to the donkeys ‘ Paradise. A small example that I’ve been through is how many of them are involved in the game.

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25 to life’s charts, released at the same time as consoles, are also sure to hope. They’re not beautiful, the environment and sometimes the modeling looks like it’s drawn in a black pencil. Devşirme graphics, collected from here to here and randomly glued. While there are a few places that might be pleasing to the eye at times, the graphics are sadly mediocre. Decemberistics are beautifully crafted, after watching you think, “ooo graphics are also good,” but it’s disappointing.

Shoot wherever you want, like sounds, graphics, the same loam always comes to your ear. It’s different when you shoot at a wall, it’s different when you shoot at a trash can, but the game doesn’t do it. 25 To Life, which remains in the classroom in terms of graphics and sound effects, saves a lot from soundtracks. Although I love Rap, there are tracks that go well into the atmosphere of the production. A person doesn’t get bored listening, or even likes it. The game is good in terms of music, the only thing missing is that the soundtrack list is short. I’m not even going to talk about physics, because there’s no physics engine. There were kid swings where I was supposed to go, but they didn’t swing at all, they just stood there like a pile. Although the way our enemies die is not bad, the fact that their bodies disappear immediately is a separate exception.


We’re always at war with cops or other gang members. We clash in general throughout the missions. Although the jerks of our enemies are useful, let’s note that there are too many of them. You can take hostages to get away from the crime scene when you’re fighting the cops, but every time I take hostages, they didn’t hurt, they usually killed him. So much useless. We have a pretty good range as a weapon. Uzi, sniper, kelesh, pistol, rocket launcher, knife, pump, baseball bat, etc… a lot of weapons are at our disposal. Ammunition is not very much in our problem, it comes back to us as bullets when we collect the weapons of deceased enemies. We can’t carry more than two weapons with us, I think it’s appropriate that we carry all the weapons in terms of realism. Those who are tired of the Single player can throw Javelins in the multiplayer if they want. Multiplayer also has four game modes. These are war, which we know as classic Deathmatch, Raid, where you collide with cops, tag, which you mine with graffiti, and Robbery, where you steal other gang valuables and add them to our own treasure. You can play with your friends over the LAN or over the Net for up to 16 people.

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The main menu of the game consists of a moving background, although in most games it is now, it is still nice. The in-game interface is huge, like a Buffalo eye. Because of the interface elements, there is little space left on the screen, a person would make it a little small. And no target sign? That’s a separate case. If you want the production, you can also play from the point of view of the FPS camera, and what we should do is shown to us in an easy language in the game. 25 To Life is obviously a mediocre game. I expected something better, but I was wrong about that. I wouldn’t recommend taking it, but if you say you’re going to take any kind of action, then that’s different.



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