2010 FIFA World Cup Review

2010 FIFA World Cup

2010 FIFA World Cup – As with every World Cup eve, EA again introduced a football game containing this concept to the markets. From its menus to its on-field images, it can make you feel the South African air too much. Although the modes it contains do not promise very marginal things, it gives you more than the pleasure and fun expected from a football game. Although the main concept is the 2010 World Cup, close to 200 national teams have been included and we can move different teams to the World Cup tournament by playing the qualifiers again. Therefore, our national team is also included in the game as playable.

In terms of menus and game modes, we are not unfamiliar with the options we face. With the Kick-off, we pick our teams and play a single match directly. Because we played against 2 people, we usually spent time in the office with this mode. At the 2010 FIFA World Cup, we start playing the World Cup in advance, which will be held from June, and we are already experiencing the excitement. Captain your Country is our game mode that has previously appeared in FIFA as Be A Pro and become a Legend in PES. For those of you who don’t know, you pick a player you want from the country you want, and you just control him throughout the tournament. We can also create our own player for the country we choose if we want to. We’ll get to the details in a minute.

Story of Qualifying mode is one of the options we like. According to the scenario given to us here, we start at half and even the end of a match. What we’re asked to do is turn the match around in a narrow time frame when we’re usually succumbing. Of course, difficult situations can occur from time to time. We have to turn the game around, but we may also have 10 people left. These matches were selected from the matches played in the qualifying groups, and the match in which our national team lost 2-1 to Spain was also included in the scenarios. Other modes; the classic penalty shootout consists of options such as taking advantage of the online system and training.

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As for the matches, the stadium images are prepared in accordance with the atmosphere. The enthusiasm experienced during the teams ‘ exit to the match is worth seeing. The same enthusiasm goes on during the match and you can really feel like you’re playing in Africa. Music and cheering are never missing in the stands. And the enthusiasm after scoring is worth seeing, the whole stadium is moaning almost. The player animations are extremely beautiful and extremely realistic depending on the arrival and use of the ball. In movements and struggles, you encounter physically logical images. One of the interesting positions that happened to me was that during an attack where I came in with a lot of guys, the pass I gave hit the referee and came back to my pen as a counter attack. Therefore, there are no missing gaps in the physics engine.

2010 FIFA World Cup

As for the appearance of footballers, familiar players are designed closer to their reality, but it is a little difficult for Turkey to say the same. The players don’t look real. The producers also installed footage of the coach in the game. When the game was at the design stage, probably our coach was still Fatih Terim. That’s why we can see Fatih Terim as our coach. However, the producers, unfortunately, could not design it very similar to the real one. Although it looks like a face, it’s not exactly the same. We can see colorful images in the stands, but it can also be observed that they repeat themselves.

When starting matches, when loading, we get a little information about various countries around the world, and we can also get information about interesting matches in the football histories of these countries. In another type of loading screen, we can practice shooting, which is beautifully thought out small details so that the loading screens do not go boring. When you play at an easy level, you don’t have much difficulty, we recommend that you play in the most difficult. So you have the chance to play closer and tighter matches.

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If we talk a little bit more about Captain your Country mode, by taking the player you create or want to manage, you control them in the qualifying matches that your national team plays to qualify for the World Cup. In doing so, before some matches, your manager may have special requests from you. When you start the match, you will see both your fatigue line and your rating on the screen. This number will gradually increase when you make positive passes, grab the ball, make assists and score goals, and thus you will qualify as successful. Of course, when the opposite happens, our grade will drop. These grades are also important because of this; our manager may ask us to play above a certain score. The game also helps us with a yellow arrow about areas where we need to run and run.

Welcome to South Africa

It must be a custom, every time we play a football game, we automatically compare it to PES. Obviously, when I played South Africa, I didn’t reflect on any negativity that would have made me look for PES. We didn’t encounter any setbacks when two people were playing in the same team, either mutually or together. So, if you want to fight in a different football game than PES, it’s a production that you can add to your archive. When June comes, the vuvuzela sound, the famous African grandstand instrument, will fill all our homes. At one time it was thought that this instrument would not be allowed in the stands because of the sound, but to me it would be an icon of the tournament in South Africa Dec. With the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, you can make a front entrance to the world of vuvuzela and experience this atmoferi. Hearts would like to live with our national team, but even seeing it in the production will be enough to make us smile.


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