2 Fast Driver Review

2 fast driver

2 Fast Driver is a racing game played with older models, apart from the usual racing cars. There’s nothing branching out, the overall goal is just to win this race and move on to the next one.

Absolutely nothing else mixes between them. However, at first, although its image is not very high quality, we are watching a video and think that the game may have different features. From here on the main menu, we see that we have nothing to deal with but going straight into the race. The control settings in the Options section are already very simple, our vehicles also work with automatic gear logic. When we enter the Single race, we can play one race and get out, but in order to open the tracks here, we have to go through the Go Event section and make sure these tracks can be opened. Maybe that’s the only point that’s not even a hassle.

When we enter the Go event, we immediately see where we will compete. As it should be noted on this screen, it can be fought over 30 races, and when we are first in each race, we can have the chance to play the next one. There are no complicated settings to be made, not even the car selection event, we find ourselves directly in the race because it is completely fun. According to a game made entirely for the purpose of wasting time, it would be absolutely wrong to say that the graphics are bad. There are color and completely clean images, and the tools don’t look bad. I mean, a production that has as much graphics as the entertainment it promises. Races are also simple. We’re going through checkpoints with our turn, and so we’re trying to win the race at the end of the lap. At first, when you look at the tracks, it seems like there are shortcuts in them, and we can take advantage of these places, but in fact this is unlikely. A wide range of places and places to go were built, but it was not possible to use them in your favor in the race.

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2 fast driver

Car checks are not bad, but here’s the situation. Although it seems to be a construction that promises speed when you look at its name, it is actually quite slow, while vehicles can’t turn comfortably as if they are going incredibly fast. 2 the key word in Fast driver is the handbrake. If you get used to using the handbrake, which is only a few seconds, you can easily dominate the entire game and start crossing the races one by one like the core place. As the races pass, you may encounter the track with the same name again, but this time the track can be much different and the kind that requires you to go from different places. At least a little change like this can keep the game afloat a little bit. Although it obviously didn’t promise much, it created a sense of ambition in me and I felt the need to play again and again when I lost. However, it would be necessary to immediately remove such productions, which normally do not have much, and put them on the shelf, but this time for some reason, this was not the case at first.

Damage modeling is not available. Apart from minor bends, we do not encounter complete damage modeling. Another detail is that we can see the movements of our driver in the car according to our control. Of course, there are many shortcomings. Our start in the race is very important. When we make a wrong move or the distance between us and the competitors is too much, we definitely have to race from the beginning, which is a bigger handicap, because for that we have to go back to the main menu and choose the Go Event option, which becomes boring normally. Artificial intelligence is in a certain circle, and this circle is unfortunately not very wide. In situations of congestion, they try to push us around and hit us back and forth, but they usually get themselves into trouble.

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In some cases, we go second, but there is a distance between us and the first. They can make the same mistakes on the same parts of the tracks and hand over the first place to us. I described them as” sudden artificial intelligence errors.” And once, even though I was behind all 3 vehicles, they went and stopped for a while and waited for me, so I realized how well-meaning vehicles they were. If I’m ill, the sound that comes out using the handbrake is full song. When I wasn’t using the handbrake during the race, the sound that sounded like this tune was always stuck in my mind, and I kept mumbling it from inside. 2 Fast Driver is an interesting production.

2 Fast Driver, at the beginning of only and only a while of time can be spent, but this time to be spent as a waste of a construction. It has a very interesting atmosphere, and for some reason it can make us ambitious like some small java games. Of course, as happens at the beginning of every lower level Game, 2 Fast Driver loses its charm after a place and does not have a feature to deal with.


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