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Some games give us players the feeling of the wind, the sense of competition and the “name” of freedom. Microsoft’s Motocross and Monster Truck Madness series or accolade’s Test Drive off-Road series did not offer us fixed race rules and gave us the ability to go in any direction we wanted, but most of them had failed in these goals. Now Invictus, a Hungarian firm, also enters this struggle with its game called 1nsane, in which it publishes Codemasters.

1nsane is exactly where and how you want to go. In most off-road games, there are no situations where you drive up a mountain to stone and face some driving restrictions in wool, hit invisible walls. In this game, you can go where you really want to go. Often because of this freedom, you can encounter very interesting situations: for example, when you want to return from a high hill, you cannot go up again because it is too high, and you have to go and find another way. 1nsane is no doubt more an arcade game than a racing simulation, so much so that in some racing modes Unreal etc. you can think you’re in a kind of Game.

1nsane has more than 30 racing platforms, each of which you can travel and dust. As you can compete in many countries, you can compete in Ayda. Mountains, hills, lowlands, glaciers, such as trees, rocks, hills full of environments you can wander. Of course, there is a Foy to create such large and unlimited environments. The platforms are quite wide but contain a cylindrical structure. In other words, you can witness an opponent who is constantly going in one direction come to the border and appear from the opposite side. Endings and checkpoints are scattered across various parts of the map…

You can drive more than 20 invented racing cars. (There are no companies in this game) these vehicles include jeeps, sports cars, giant trucks, rally cars, military vehicles, etc. references Unfortunately, at the beginning of the game, only three of the maps and vehicles are open, and you have to win and open the others in championship mode.

It features eight game modes. As with normal race types, these include types such as finding a flag and transporting it to a specific region.

An unusual feature in this game is the race Platform Builder (a feature that is closed until you win it in the championship.) In this builder, you can create a platform that contains the desired elevations, temperature, race winning conditions. Just as you can edit the paths already in this section, you can create a random platform and make adjustments to it. This section is quite easy to use and makes the game’s re-playability almost endless.

1nsane’s footage is not bad. The vehicles are surprisingly detailed. Bruises on the fuselage, recesses on the tires, the movements of the driver in the cockpit can be included in these details… And the floor is very beautifully drawn and looks very natural. But in general, the image is not very good. For example, the lack of light reflections on vehicles is a deficiency… Beyond these, there are very few structures and background objects that may be of interest to you as you go along the road. The maps look pretty empty…

Beautiful visual effects in the game include shading, smoke, tire tracks, and weather conditions. 1nsane’s realistic damage to your car also adds a separate beauty to the game. The body of your car can be crushed, as well as some parts can break off. Naturally, these damages also reduce the performance of your car. Such damage is quite common in the game situations, fortunately you can completely repair your car at any time.

In the game, the fluency of the image is also not very superior. The fps value in the game drops considerably when the number of vehicles on the screen increases or if your system is at the limit. Even on very fast systems, there can be some tripping at the beginning of the game.

1nsane offers a wide range of tools, including steering wheels. It has Force feedback support. (Force feedback is the name of effects such as the instrument you are using vibrating relative to the ground you are passing over, or making it difficult for you to turn the steering wheel.) The menu system in the game is also quite easy and clear, but you can only use your keyboard for roaming. Various visual quality in these menus, etc. as you can make standard settings.

1nsane game is one of the most fun games ever made. Even if it takes a lot of time to finish each game in the game, it’s really worth it when you finish. A game that can be played for weeks thanks to a large number of game modes in the game and features such as making your own map.

Physical events in the game are not perfect. If you enter the slightest elevation incorrectly, you can flip or fly into the air, even if yours is much heavier when two vehicles collide. For such reasons, it can be very difficult to control your car, especially in rough areas. However, the touch control in the game is very good, meaning that the suspension in various parts of your car can realistically spring according to any slope. Although you are free to travel and dust in the game, this can cause you to lose the game. And when you get carried away, you see that you have gone too far from the right path…

The environment in the game allows you to go in all directions, but you need to make strategic plans about where you want to go according to the vehicle you are using and your goal. In other words, you need to consider upgrades when using a giant truck or a small buggy.

Codemasters company 1nsane specifically designed to be played on the Internet and Lan and even established their own game networks… Of course, the game’s racing modes are much more enjoyable when playing against human players than when playing against the computer. The connection to the game’s network is also quite good, especially compared to other online racing games, there is much less hanging out. The game allows up to 7 people simultaneously.

Sounds in the game aren’t bad. The sound of each type of vehicle is unique. In the game, you can adjust sounds such as music, engine, conversations, etc. However, ambient sound effects cannot use 3D hardware.

As with other racing games, the soundtracks of this game are a mix of techno-rock. None of them contain catchy melodies, and you can easily spot the frequency of repetitions. But it really fits into the excitement of the game and you don’t mind those replays at all. The sound quality of the music is quite high.

Artificial intelligence and difficulty:
1nsane has 5 difficulty levels; novice, intermediate, advanced, expert, and of course insane. In the game, you have to develop appropriate off-road tactics for yourself. If you can’t catch a certain style, you don’t have much chance of winning in the game.

The AI in the game isn’t bad either. Computer-controlled vehicles are very combative, each with equal aggression. They have no doubt they will grab the flag you carry to win the race and bump into you.

1nsane, which has fixed most of the shortcomings in other off-road games, is a game worth taking with plenty of racing modes, maps, vehicles and map creation.

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