1954 Alcatraz Review

1954 Alcatraz

The production takes us back to the 1950s, when The Beat Generation existed, when the heart of writers, poets, painters and, most importantly, jazz music was beating. Joe, a mechanic, robbed an armored car, and when he was caught, he said the money he stole was burned. Joe is transferred to the notorious Alcatraz prison, where he spends forty years. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who believe that Joe is hiding the money. Especially gangster Mickey is sure of it and threatens Joe’s wife Christine that if she doesn’t bring the loot, I’ll kill you. And Joe, who hears what’s going on, has no intention of stopping in prison. On the one hand, Joe tries to escape Alcatraz, and on the other hand, Christine tries to find the money that her husband has hidden.

1954 Alcatraz

1954 Alcatraz heroes Joe and Christine. On the one hand, Joe, who has to cooperate with thieves, murder suspects, drug dealers to escape, and on the other, Christine, who is openly threatened with death. My point is, we’re playing the game with a double character and navigating the outside world with Christine while Joe turns Alcatraz prison upside down. First, if I say that the story is a cliché, I think you’ll agree with me. It’s a classic robbery, getting caught, and no one knows where their money is but you. And in the outside world, your wife, who was threatened by your ex-partner to tell you where the money is. We’ve seen a lot of these scenarios, whether it’s games or movies. So it’s up to the producers to make the story interesting, and you know what I said in my first paragraph, I wish Daedalic Entertainment would do the story. Because the cliché story continues in a cliché way, and it has no contribution to that cliché. I mean, the script is not exciting, no different concept is presented, the atmosphere is always low and it doesn’t excite you. You’ve already dealt with a familiar story, you have to do something, but Irreponsible Games (really irresponsible, like its name) didn’t think so. The script is familiar, mediocre, and unfortunately does not offer any innovation.

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Daedalic Entertainment’s only work in this production (except for dialogues in German), the graphics come out in two ways. If you want, you can play the production with its normal color appearance, or if you want, you can switch to an old-style look with a tick from the settings menu to bring back the 1950s mood, as I call it, scuba mode. In this view, the screen becomes black and white, and slight tingling occurs, as in old televisions. In terms of quality, although the graphics are not as colorful, Tabular as other Daedalic productions, they are very successful. The reason it doesn’t look like other Daedalic Productions is because the 1954 Alcatraz is a more realistic production. It’s hard to make the fantastic look in other productions look real. So there’s a forced change. Of course, I don’t add characters to it. Besides the characters that look real in the production, there are also interesting characters with strange shapes. He’s like a killer out of proportion to his burly body, or a fox-faced, cunning thief. The characters ‘ harmony with background drawings is also good. They don’t grin and look like they don’t belong there. In short, in terms of graphics, the production is not a masterpiece like other Daedalic Entertainment productions, but it is quite successful and has its own appeal. At least the 1950s weather is beautifully reflected.

1954 Alcatraz

Well, we’ll be in the ‘ 50s and we won’t hear Jazz? The music of the production is naturally jazz-oriented and plays in gloomy venues, with slow jazz themes making the atmosphere, which is at least low, attractive. He’s also obviously into sound effects. From the sounds of seagulls flying on the hill in the background, attention was paid to every detail, such as opening and closing doors. Finally, I can say that the vocalizations are also successful.

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