18 Wheels Of Steel review

18 Wheels of Steel

18 Wheels of Steel does not break tradition and is released as the least data-sized game of its time. In the latest versions, 90-150Mb, haulin appears as 350Mb. As usual, the goal of our game is the same: Freight Transport. And in haulin, we’re loading the cargo we want between the states of America into our truck and trying to get it to its place. In an innovation in construction, cargoes in general are no longer transported with a time limit. In previous versions, I remember shaking the steering wheel in a panic, and calculating whether I would be able to deliver the cargo on time with activities such as sleeping, taking a break, getting gas. In previous games, a deficit had erupted at this point. Especially in places like the city, if you try to wait at all the red lights, the cargo never caught up on time.

Money for soup?

One of the features that attracts attention in the new construction is the sensitivity that you have to show to the traffic rules. Because the cops aren’t as loose as they used to be. The gasoline indicator at the top of the screen was removed and replaced by a police search level. We should pay attention to traffic rules and lights, use vehicle signal lights and not hit cars. Every rule you don’t follow makes you more wanted by the police on the indicator. And when you pass near the police, you get caught. If your contrary actions are reasonable, sometimes you can get away with just getting a warning, and if your outburst is at a stage, you can be sentenced to pay a large amount of fines.

18 Wheels of Steel

Another hike in gasoline

Speaking of gas gauges… The indicator is not completely removed, making it visible in bumper camera mode. Over time, the gas is running low, and we have to stop by the gas station. Naturally, we need to see what we need for gas. One of the features that has played the series since Hard Truck is the small details. As in the case of gasoline reduction; side by side gas station call, rain when we have to start the wipers, engine brake, selector, signal and 4’lü details such as the use of details skipped in most games. For fun, I don’t stubbornly start the wipers and go blind; I’m out of fuel when I’m looking for a gas station, I don’t waste gear when I go downhill to avoid spending gasoline, or turn off the engine, examples such as the kind you can’t find in any other game.

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Always The Same Things

Although the construction has its own characteristics, at some points it cannot give fire. Especially in the last few versions of the truck and trailer graphics are very good, but environmental modeling and graphics are not paid attention to Haulin continues. That may be because the roads are too long. Because it usually takes too long to go from one state to another. The fact that such long paths and environmental modeling had good graphics would have caused the construction to probably be 3.5 Gb, not 350Mb. In this case, I think it would not be possible to play the entire map with a single loading screen. Apart from minor retouching on trucks, interface innovation has been made in construction. Many details have been made accessible from a single screen by placing the main menus where you can control everything.

18 Wheels of Steel, which are driven in front of us every year with pros and cons, allow us to stay on the screen for a while. As much as I love the series, after a while you start not playing. Getting tired of driving for long hours is the biggest reason for that. Then shake the steering wheel… Perhaps the best steering game is the Hard Truck and 18 Wheels of Steel series. The reason why steering is not preferred in most racing games is that steering can’t react as fast as the keyboard. Of course, instead of reacting quickly in a construction that we use heavy trucks and trucks like 18 Wheels of Steel, leaning on the seat and swinging the steering wheel on the ramp that you exit slowly gives you much more pleasure than playing with the keyboard. It’s time to get your steering wheels off the dusty shelves again.


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