18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker Review

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker

One of the first truck races we saw on the market was the Hard Truck. It was too bad a game to tire your fingers. 18 Wheeler: American Pro trucker has a hit-and-break event unlike any other. In the game, you smash cars with +3 times on them to save time. Apart from that, realism is at the forefront. For example, when you look inside the car, you can see that the driver’s glasses, hat, or magazine are lying on the opposite side when you enter the bend.

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker Review

The goal of the game is the same as other truck games; you are given a certain time, and during this time you try to take it to the finish line without damaging the load on your back (you get paid according to the damage you do). Actually, this place is a little ridiculous. So it would be much more realistic if we left our cargo somewhere like a factory. Instead, to complete the part we’re playing, from place to place, for example, St.We’re trying to get to Dallas from pettersburg. The game is pretty tough, but after a bit of practice you get used to it.

Now let’s talk about the technical characteristics of the game. The controls are very simple. Actually, it’s too simple. If it was a little harder, we could at least feel like we were driving a truck. The graphics are really great. First, it’s very clear. So you won’t see the pixels. Sound effects and music adapt to the game. As a result, do you have a Dreamcast? E What are you waiting for? Go and get this game. I recommend it to everyone.



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