16 Old Game Tips To Have Fun Playing

Old Game

In the game world, we list for you the most successful games of an era that are now considered old. If you have not played these games, be sure to play them, because if you say “I am a strict gamer”, we can say that there are games that you will have a lot of fun and love.

Graphics and realism are among the things we look for most in games. When you look at the movie world, you can see Cult Productions quite often, you can put them on your IMDB list. In the game world, it is a little more difficult to do this, and the situation begins to occur, there is a need for an emulator for many of the old games that you want to play. In this article, we will talk about games that you can even buy and play without the need for emulatore.

Probably the 25-45 age group had a chance to experience these games that we will share for you, although they couldn’t experience it, now might be a great time to try it out. Especially if you like strategy games, our list may be for you.

Heroes 3:

Old Game

I think your favorite feature in period technology will be that more than one person plays a tour-based strategy game on the same computer. Heroes 3 provides a really deep descent into the history of fantastic strategy games. The game is quite fun. Dragons, angels, demons and heroes. This game is the most valuable piece of fantastic strategy games. The most entertaining production of the series May Be Heroes 3.

Red Alert 2:

Old Game

Among EA Games ‘ most successful strategy games, Red Alert 2 undoubtedly has a very different place. The game, which is about the classic Cold War period, is really very successful. Especially if you like to play chess, we can say that Red Alert is for you. Don’t be too late if you haven’t played this game yet. You can even find many multiplayer Red Alert 2 servers. At the time, there were serious tournaments in this game, hey, baby, hey.

Diablo 2:

Old Game

To be clear, even saying that you should play this game for this reason sounds very fantastic. If you like Hack&Slash and haven’t played Diablo 2, at least wait for the remake to come out. In 2021, the remake of Diablo 2 will be with you. The game is really tremendously fun, perhaps the best game in Blizzard games.

Warcraft 3:

Old Game

This game is actually a strategy game from A to Z in itself. It may even be the game that handles the Warcraft story the most smoothly. Dota and TD lovers have invaded this game, perhaps they have never played the story mode, but the strategy side is also a legend. I think you can have a lot of fun, especially if you play with your friends in multiplayer.


Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis

Old Game

I don’t mind writing comfortably, since our department is called Author’s advice. I think I’d say the best Resident Evil game. Combining items, fiction, flow, elements of horror is a huge game that literally sits. In Nemesis, he’s really fit into the game as a goal. It’s not a straight Zombie Kill game.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption

Old Game

Vampire: The Masquerade is actually the best game Redemption, describing your vision as a man who loves Bloodlines. Game graphics etc. it may sound pretty bad, but to play Bloodlines, you have to play Redemption first. If you like vampire games, Vampire: The Masquerade is for you. You can both clearly understand and internalize the game.

Age of Wonders:

Old Game

The only bad thing about this game may be that it comes out with Heroes 3. In age of wonders, just like Heroes 3, it takes you into a completely different world. The game has a different structure apart from strategy elements. It contains fantastic elements in abundance and opens up a different dimension for lovers of fantastic strategy. The game offers a tremendous experience to develop strategy with your friends, fun to the end.

The Witcher:

Old Game

You can even play this game just for their music. I’m so ambitious about it that you’ll never care about the graphics when you play The Witcher. The game has such beautiful music and atmosphere… Oh, of course, if you’ve played new games, it’s a great opportunity for you to really get to know Geralt.

Disciples 2:

Old Game

It may be arguably one of the best games in the Disciples series. You’re trying to survive in a tremendously dark world and protect your kingdom. It’s actually on the market as an advanced version of Heroes 3. Age of Wonders, Disciples and Heroes series are actually very similar games, but disciples has a really different battle dynamic. If you like the series, be sure to try it.

Total War: Medieval 2

Old Game

A game that makes the Total War series, The Total War series. It was quite enjoyable in the first game, but Medieval 2 leaves a completely different taste. I mean, I’d be ashamed to write something for this game, if you haven’t played it, be sure to play it. In fact, let’s play together.


Old Game

Shame on you if you love the Grand Theft Auto series and haven’t played GTA 3. This game is even played only to internalize GTA 4. Joke aside, GTA 3 is a legendary production that has made many GTA Productions come to this day. Vice City has a huge place in the GTA 4, GTA 5 and Dec series. Also, the characters in this game shape the stories of future games. So be sure to play.

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Baldur’s Gate II

Old Game

If you like FRP and RPG, Baldur’s Gate 2 is for you. Of course, from here, let’s salute the very valuable Webtekno writer Emre Omar poison. He’s literally the guru and addict of the game. Baldur’s Gate 2, which has a huge story that Dungeons & Dragons lovers must experience, can eventually drag you to The Elder Scrolls. In our opinion, it is a real production that you should definitely experience.

Neverwinter Nights

Old Game

If you love the Forgotten Realms series, it’s the only RPG game you should try. By the way, thanks to this game, your English can really develop, and you chat with the characters for so long that the game turns into a storybook after a certain stage. Everything in the game is progressing dependent on the rules like an FRP. We recommend that you internalize your character. In the meantime, if you’re going to start Neverwinter Nights, Get ready for long, sleepless nights.

Fallout 2

Old Game

I play Fallout 4 and I love Fallout. Everyone becomes such a Fallout fan. The real Fallout experience is in 2. You need to experience the company by seeing where it has brought Fallout. Fallout 2, by the way, is quite a fun game. You can feel like you’re in The Walking Dead simulation. Be sure to play if you love Fallout making it really enjoyable.

Quake 3

Old Game

Nothing like playing Quake 3 with a tight friendly environment. I wish they’d kept this series going for a long time. In the meantime, the game continues to be played today. If someone comes out and makes a Quake 3 tournament, they get participants like crazy. Quake can really be called the superstar of the FPS world.


Old Game

StarCraft is Korea’s national sport and perhaps the world’s first official esports game. StarCraft, which offers a truly successful experience in Space Wars, has also taken the world of strategy games in a different direction. After Warcraft 2, when StarCraft appeared, everyone was really surprised, as if the world of Warcraft had moved into space. We have to say that StarCraft is really quite successful in strategy and originality. If you have never tried it before, you will definitely enjoy downloading and playing.

Of course, there may be games that we forget or skip. Please don’t forget to share these games with us in the comments.



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