11-11 Memories Retold Review

11-11 Memories Retold

It’s November 11, 1916, Harry, a young Canadian photographer, leaves behind the girl he loves and goes to 1. it participates in the Western Front of World War II. Harry’s goal is 1. It is to announce to humanity the heroic stories of World War II, and a little to get into the eyes of the girl he loves. Along with the safety camera he ignited in the hand of the girl he loved, Harry sets off on a journey to the front lines of the Western Front.

11-11 Memories Retold

On the other side of the facade is another story. 1. On the German side of World War II, technician Kurt, who was involved in the war behind the front lines, is another character we will check out in 11-11 Memories Retold. Kurt gets the news that his son, who was on the front, is missing while he is working on the construction of one of Germany’s famous airships behind the front. Kurt will do what he has to do as a father. 1, which will leave the technician and go to the front lines, where the war continues feverishly. He will begin a search to find his son in the famous trenches of World War II. But war will bring these two different people, two different stories together in some way. 11-11 Memories Retold is a game that primarily attracts attention with its rather different visuals. In the game, you can feel as if you are in one of the works of Van Gogh. 11-11 Memories Retold, co-developed by Aardman Animations and Dixart, uses a rather interesting graphic style that resembles oil paint that I have not seen before. This visual, quite befitting the storytelling of the game, with frames and environments that at times really resemble the Table, 1. Combined with the bleak atmosphere of World War II and the color tone that strikes our faces, it increases the game’s impressive atmosphere and story.

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11-11 Memories Retold

But let me also note that from time to time, this graphical structure begins to bother you, especially when you play the game for long hours incessantly. The characters we checked in 11-11 Memories Retold have very simple usage schemes. Of course, I don’t give spoilers, in addition to these characters, we also control a number of tiny characters later in the game. But for Kurt and Harry, there are simple dynamics in the game, such as the quick progress of squatting, grabbing and pulling things. Harry and I are trying to photograph important moments on the battlefield, on the front, in the form of solving fairly simple puzzles for The Wolf, fixing a number of devices, finding things and bringing them to someone, or attaching them somewhere. The photos we take are important. Because we’re sending beautiful photos to the girl we love and trying to impress her.

11-11 Memories Retold

The decisions and choices you make in the game also affect some events and the finale of the story.Story progress makes you have to make important decisions from time to time. Although the first 2 hours of the game move at a routine pace in a structure that cares more about storytelling, after the first 2 hours, 11-11 Memories Retold introduces you to other game mechanics. Hmm, when I say that the mechanics of the game will progress like this, I was surprised to meet a different mechanic after 2 hours. At the intersection of the two characters ‘ stories, you switch between characters to solve some puzzles and help the duo find their way. Wars have pushed people into many obligations. 11-11 Memories Retold also has a story and atmosphere that very well reflects this sense of helplessness, the two characters ‘ different perspectives but the fact that their “survival” impulses dominate everything is well handled in the game.

Of course, there are risks to this interesting graphic design choice, but thanks to the successful voice acting and sound mixing, the producer managed to draw the player into the atmosphere created. 11-11 Memories Retold is not a large-scale game. You can already feel this from time to time from technical glitches that you encounter from FPS drops and the weakness of character animations. But you’re one of those players who cares about storytelling. If you are interested in games to stories that tell historical events, I recommend 11-11 Memories Retold to you. 1 after Valiant Hearts: The Great War. Another game that successfully conveys the theme of the world. 11-11 Memories Retold. I hope that in the future we will encounter a production that will come out of our territory and transfer this war from our point of view. 11-11 Memories Retold is an interesting game where the gameplay mechanics and puzzles are not very deep, but with its atmosphere, storytelling, story.

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