10,000 Bullets


10,000 Bullets, referred to in Japan as Tsukiyo ni Saraba (ツキヨニサラバ, lit. “Twilight Shadow”), is an activity/third-individual shooter computer game created by Blue Moon Studio and distributed by Taito Corporation for the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) computer game comfort.

It was delivered in Japan in 2005, and conveyed in Europe by 505 GameStreet sometime thereafter. 10,000 Bullets follows a tip top hired gunman named Crow, who works for an Italian crowd family and has the intrinsic force of the “gun fighter”, permitting him to control the progression of time in fight. The interactivity of 10,000 Bullets centers around this capacity, in which the player should hinder the activity to stay away from the floods of adversary attacks and different perils.


10,000 Bullets was coordinated by Suikoden establishment maker Yoshitaka Murayama, who left Konami in 2002 and began his own advancement firm, Blue Moon Studio, presently. Joined by Spriggan artist Ryōji Minagawa and arrangers Yasunori Mitsuda and Miki Higashino, Murayama started delivering 10,000 Bullets about a large portion of a year subsequent to establishing the new organization. Murayama had needed to make an activity shooter even before the Suikoden arrangement. 10,000 Bullets was met with helpless deals in Japan and a fair reaction from import analysts. Pundits discovered the game to be unimaginative and noted camera issues, yet appreciated the activity groupings.



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